11 Questions with...Mike Quick
Lead Vice President of Retail Sales for AmerisourceBergen
April, 2011 - Issue #78
1. Good Neighbor Pharmacies are a part of the AmerisourceBergen family. Who are the three independently-owned, GNP-affiliated pharmacies in Santa Clarita, right?

Yes; Valencia Pharmacy, Saugus Drugs and Valencia Town Center Pharmacy. AmerisourceBergen is a Fortune 25 company. We deal with hospitals, alternate care and retail. On the retail end are the Good Neighbor Pharmacies. We feel very strongly about promoting GNP and ensuring that they have a place in the healthcare arena. This country needs strong independent pharmacies to compete with the big-box chains, and that is what GNP provides.

2. How did you get into the pharmacy business?
While going to college I worked at a local drugstore. When I graduated in the early 1960s, I got a sales position with what is now AmerisourceBergen. I was promoted to sales manager, then division manager, and, finally, a vice president. This is the only company I've ever worked for, though the name has changed over the decades.

3. Your company hosts a golf fundraiser each year to support students who want to become independent pharmacists. What's your handicap?

4. The flu's kicking people's butts this year. Does GNP have a healthy stock of Tamiflu at the ready?
Yes, we have one of the largest supplies in the country. We're proud of our supply of pharmaceuticals. The GNP pharmacies in Santa Clarita are also dedicated to providing excellent natural and homeopathic products, as well. It's always best to avoid getting sick in the first place. And our home health care supplies are what I consider the best in the business.

5. Rumor has it that you're cheap (in a good way). How do independent pharmacies compete with giant retailers?
I'm not cheap! That's just a rumor. As for Good Neighbor Pharmacies, we compete with big-box drug stores by offering healthcare, which is what pharmacists are trained for. When you come into a GNP you are counseled by a pharmacist. With us, you don't just have your prescription filled and then get sent on your way. We make sure to answer any questions you might have and counsel you regarding questions you didn't even know you should ask.

6. You're a busy guy. How do you prioritize?
I've always loved my job. I love the healthcare industry. I am also into my family. I belong to TPC and I love to make time for travel and golf.

7. What do you do when you're not doing what you "do?"
I'm in Palm Desert at a pharmacy convention right now, doing what I love - and making time to play golf.

8. You're in a pretty prestigious leadership position. What's your primary business strategy?
It's always been customer-centered. Simply: The customer comes first. If you take care of the customer, everything will work out great for you. I'm a huge customer person.

9. Let's go Sci Fi for a sec. If another "you" existed in an alternative reality, what would "you" be doing, and where? (There are no pharmacies in this alternative reality.)
I would be a golf pro in Maui.

10. Good Neighbor is part of the brand name, and I've been told it's also part of your personal and business philosophy.
I have supported the charities in the SCV for the 20 years that I've been lucky enough to call this place home. This community is filled with people who give from the heart - but during this tough economy, many donors large and small just weren't making it anymore and a lot of essential resources dried up. Because of this, some very key nonprofits in Santa Clarita - organizations that are very essential to so many people and families here - were having real trouble. I was happy that I could step up and provide additional support to help fill in some of those gaps. For years we have been corporate givers to Henry Mayo and many other charities. I'm a big believer in breast cancer awareness and we provide a lot of assistance there as well.

11. How can we be "Good Neighbors," too?
Good Neighbor Pharmacies make it easy to support locals in need. When you visit a GNP pharmacy, ask to be enrolled in the "In it Together" program. Once you're enrolled, 1 percent of the cost of every prescription you fill goes into a fund to provide free medicines to seniors and neighbors in need. It doesn't cost you anything to take part.

Santa Clarita's Good Neighbor Pharmacies
Valencia Pharmacy, Medical Equipment and Wellness Center 255-7910
Valencia Town Center Pharmacy 291-1800
Saugus Drugs and Hallmark 296-3980
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