Do You Know who to Call when what Matters most is on the Line?
May, 2012 - Issue #91
There's no shortage of "lawyer jokes" out there, but if I've noticed one thing over the course of my lifetime, it's that if you try to navigate a legal matter without a lawyer on your side, the joke's nearly always on you.

That's why, when researching short-sale options for a friend struggling with an "underwater" mortgage, the information I discovered about Group One Legal Professional Corporation gave me pause. I've seen numerous real estate agents pitching short-sale services; this was the first time I came across a legal team specializing in short sales, business and real estate law.

My excitement grew when I read that Group One Legal's principal and founding partner, David M. Rendall, Esq., has both been licensed with the State Bar of California since 2003 and has actively practiced real estate as a broker-associate since 2001. Even more impressive: He is currently the in-house counsel for RE/MAX of Santa Clarita and RE/MAX of Valencia.

With real estate and business law serving as the cornerstones of the Group One Legal practice, it makes sense that the professional corporation has represented a variety of well-respected organizations, including Augusta Financial, The Pilates Pros, Casablanca Investment Group, LLC and many more local, regional and state-wide residents and businesses. Landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, buyers, sellers, agents, developers, brokers, real estate professionals and investors all benefit from Group One Legal's superlative real estate and business-related services.

This full-service law firm embodies a unique approach to its practice. "We view every legal matter as an extension of your business, meaning that we focus our analysis, recommendations and action towards furthering your business and economic goals," says principal and founding partner David M. Rendall, Esq. "We identify our clients' true legal needs in order to tap into our team's creative and innovative legal strategies. Our goal is to help minimize - or even avoid - legal problems altogether."

"Thanks to their complex understanding of the real estate
and mortgage industries, I know I can count on Group One Legal for all my real estate and business legal needs. Augusta Financial has great confidence in Group One Legal, and have firsthand knowledge that their firm has helped countless clients and homeowners through this difficult housing
market with viable alternatives to foreclosure."
~ Mike Meena, President/Owner, Augusta Financial

Group One Legal Professional Corporation's Practice Areas Include:
Real Property Transactions
Commercial and Residential Evictions
California Foreclosure Law
Short Sale Negotiations
Homeowners' Associations
Business Associations
Loan Modification and Deed In Lieu Review
Commercial & Residential Document Drafting
Boundary Disputes
Representation Issues
Easements/Rights of Way
Quiet Title
Eminent Domain
Zoning Issues
Property Management
Partition of Real Property
Land Use & Development

Group One Legal's Short Sale Program
Perhaps you're facing the unfortunate situation of having a mortgage loan that exceeds the current market value of your home. Or - worse - you're at risk for foreclosure. Short sales are a valid option for both residential and commercial property owners, but there's a caveat. Do it incorrectly and you may lose your property to foreclosure, and may be liable to any Sold Out Junior Lien Holders for any potential deficiencies and lender collection costs - even after your property has been sold at Trustee Sale. You may also be left with additional legal liability, tax consequences and damaged credit. Poorly-executed short-sale requests are routinely denied by lenders, levying even more emotional and financial strain.

In a world of bad news, there is a silver lining: Group One Legal's Short Sale Program. Qualified homeowners with legitimate financial hardships who need to sell their underwater homes, for the survival and benefit of their financial future, now can put the energies of an experienced legal corporation team to work for them. Not sure you need a lawyer? The bank that owns your mortgage has its own legal team. Why shouldn't you?

A counselor will review your information and contact you quickly to discuss your options. This consultation is confidential and free. For fastest service, log onto and click on the "Alternative to Foreclosure" tab in the upper right corner.
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