Halloween is Coming Early to Santa Clarita this Year
August, 2018 - Issue #167
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courtesy of Shutterstock

Be scared, very scared! (Of not getting tickets!) Mountasia Fun Center is bringing a state-of-the-art, immersive virtual-reality experience featuring the notorious murderer, Jack the Ripper, to their seven-acre property - and Halloween lovers from all over Southern California are ready to flock to the SCV to take part.

Dave Love, creative executive of the renowned Simi Valley-based Hollow Studios, and Michael Fleming, general partner of Mountasia Fun Center, said they expect the VR experience to quickly sell out once ticket sales begin (They're on sale now... get them stat at!).
"After testing the game at Hollow Studios, I know
it will be the talk of Santa Clarita and beyond.
There is no other VIRTUAL-REALITY experience
like this in Southern California."

The experience is highly-interactive, using VR headsets and backpack computers which allow players to roam a 600 square foot area in search of clues that earn the four-player team points and to help them escape a room called The Wax House, where Jack the Ripper may be hiding. The entire experience, which includes a pre-game introduction into the history of the London murders of several women brutally slashed to death in the late 1800's, runs approximately 30 minutes.

"After testing this innovative product from Hollow Studios we knew it was the right choice for us. It will be the talk of Santa Clarita and beyond. There is no other virtual reality experience like this in Southern California." said Fleming. "This is way more than your average VR game. The graphics and visuals drop you back into 1888 London," he added.

Hollow Studios, a leader in video productions, developed this system using the latest technologies giving players the ability to free-roam wearing the VR headsets, which cover the eyes and ears with an HD viewer and hi-def sound.

David Love stated, "The team at Hollow Studios really wants the guests to feel what it was like to be in that time period, and to experience something so profound that it'll be the talk at the dinner table for many weeks. Using our cinematic background, we made sure the story came first, then focused on the tiniest of details making sure our guests will be transported to a place they could never go to in the real world." Love added, "In the experience, you are able to pick up and hold virtual items, open drawers, search for clues, all while working together as a team of four, moving through The Wax House in hopes of finding your way out before becoming the next victim."

The Jack the Ripper Immersive Experience is expected to open in late August and run through Halloween night. Pre-sale tickets are strongly suggested.

Meet Mountasia Fun Center!
Haven't been to Santa Clarita families' favorite fun center? Now's the time! Mountasia has been the place to play since 1995, offering a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions including go karts, bumper boats, two 18-hole miniature golf courses with a giant waterfall, batting cages, rock climbing wall, lazer tag arena, large redemption and video game arcade and a fast-casual restaurant and ice cream parlour. There is free parking and no entry fee. Pay as you play!
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