Looking for a New Fishing Spot?
September, 2012 - Issue #95
The experts at Tackle Express have the inside scoop on all of the local ponds!

Many Santa Clarita fisherman are aware of the main lakes nearby, Castaic (Lagoon & Main Lake), Piru, and Pyramid. A few lesser known places to fish that the experts at Tackle Express have found to be productive are Lake Elizabeth, Quail Lake, Frenchman's Flats (stream), Palmdale Fin and Feather Club.

Lake Elizabeth:
This smaller lake is in the hills outside of Santa Clarita and take approximately 30 minutes via San Franciscito Cyn Rd. It is the best lake for a family to fish because it is plentiful with Crappie, Trout, and Catfish. The shore is accessible in some spots and difficult in others but offers fishing from a boat (10hp or less), Kayak, or float tube. If the Crappie are biting in the summer, anglers have known to get 30+ per day. Catfish tend to bite day and night but night is best on hot dogs or chicken liver. Trout are best in the winter and spring when the trout stocking program is in effect.

Quail Lake:
This very windy lake is just pass Pyramid lake off Hwy 138. It has lots of Striped Bass and Catfish but also has Largemouth Bass and Tule Perch. In the summer, the Striped bass feeding on baitfish will break the surface and create a boiling type action aptly named "boils." This is the best time to catch one when they are in this feeding frenzy and fish have been caught in the 40 pound range. As usual, catfish is better at night and the wind is generally calmer.
Frenchman's Flats: This small stream is the connection between Pyramid lake and Piru Lake. It has stocked Rainbow Trout but also had natural Brook Trout. The fish in the stream tend to be smaller than in lakes, but it can be can be a lot of fun and very scenic for kids. Flyfishing is also popular here too because it is the closest stream to the valley.

Palmdale Fin and Feather:
This lake is private and has large fees to fish, but catching fish is almost guaranteed. They stock 10's of thousands of pounds of very large Rainbow Trout up to 20 pounds. They also have Largemouth Bass, huge Crappie, Bluegill, and Catfish. Most everyone says it's worth every penny.

More Tips from the Pros:
The most successful anglers are the ones that ask questions at the tackle shop and then apply what they have learned at the spot they are fishing. Each body of water is unique and requires specific techniques and lures to catch fish. The methods used vary at different times of the year, but can also change from week to week or day to day. Using forums like and can also help to get local information.

Time on the water is also essential for anglers to get better. If you fish 2-3 times per year on our local lakes, it will be difficult to learn anything. Fishing as often as possible with give you a better idea on how to fish and what to fish. If you see crawfish on the bank, use lures that look like crawdads. If you see baitfish jumping on the surface and fish jumping, tie on a minnow type lure. The most success anglers are those that pay attention to the conditions.

Fishing is great for families and great for kids. It get's the whole family outdoors and especially get's kids away from video games, TV, etc. For kids, the most important thing is to let them have a good time and have them catch some fish. Going to the tackle shop and getting information from the professional gives you and your kids the best opportunity. To get the kids started, I suggest paying to catch fish. Trout Dale in Aguora Hills is a great place where the whole family is guaranteed to catch fish. They have thousands of pounds of Rainbow Trout in the ponds all year and they are hungry.

For more information, contact Tackle Express at 251-8700 or visit their store front at 18950 1/2 Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
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