A Request for Community Support
for the Sand Canyon Resort & Spa
March, 2021 - Issue #197

"The Sand Canyon Resort & Spa is my passion. It's a project you can FEEL GOOD ABOUT. The benefits to our community are nearly too many to count - and that's why I'm asking for your support."
Chances are, we haven't met yet. It's not always easy introducing yourself to 250,000 local residents, especially during a pandemic. As the owner of Sand Canyon Country Club, I spend most of my time on site, working with our small, essential team.
I'd like to take this public opportunity to share with you exactly what I've been working on, because as a resident of Santa Clarita, it affects you and our broader community.
In a word, it's a resort - something new and exciting that's never been done in Santa Clarita... and only rarely in Los Angeles County and beyond.
The Sand Canyon Resort & Spa Project is a multi-million dollar local investment that will bring good-paying jobs, prestige and improved recreation opportunities to Santa Clarita. It's a "green" plan with no identified impact to the local environment, per the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The positive impacts on our community's recreational lifestyle, economic strength and reputation are numerous.
There's so much I want to share with you about this project. I'm incredibly passionate about the work we've done so far and the work we'll continue to do. I'm committed to bringing new opportunities and an improved quality of life to Santa Clarita through the Sand Canyon Resort & Spa. From now on, I'll be using this space to communicate all that it is and can be - with your help.
First, a little backstory.

Building Trust Between New Neighbors
Years ago, I was one of many investors in the Robinson Ranch Golf Course in Sand Canyon - a stunning property that, unfortunately, struggled because of drought and business difficulties. I had always been moved by the sweeping vistas of this special place and, when the chance presented itself, I purchased it with a determination to restore the greens and clubhouse to its former glory. After years in the tech industry, and then as a philanthropist in the field of education, I was immediately taken with all the possibilities this space holds.
As a testament to the commitment of the Sand Canyon Country Club team, despite fires and landslides, we were able to reopen in 2017 after an additional $7 million investment in facility upgrades. For numerous reasons, we were forced to reduce the 36-hole course to 27, leaving 75 acres of mountain region - already part of the property - exposed.
After speaking to neighbors and community members, one idea for the space was elevated above all others: to create a five-star resort. Sand Canyon Resort & Spa will serve the need for high-end banquet services, draw major conference and tourist dollars to our region, serve as comfortable accommodation for locals and visitors and infuse our Santa Clarita coffers with millions in tax dollars while raising property values.
While we have been working nearly round the clock for three years to reach this point, the heart of my passion for this project spans decades. It is part of my American dream.

Sharing the American Dream
When I was 27 years old, I immigrated to the United States from Korea to earn a better life for my family. I worked in a warehouse during the day and took night classes in the evening, eventually graduating with a degree in engineering. My first job out of college was with Litton Data Systems in nearby Van Nuys.
I had an idea on how to improve customers' productivity, so I moved my workspace into a friend's garage and started my first venture, Fibermux. That high-tech startup was a rare success at the time - I still consider it a miracle. My success allowed me to begin my second venture, Xylan.
Thanks to the experience I gained from Fibermux, Xylan became one of the fastest-growing companies in Southern California. More than 1,000 of our Xylan team members were given stock options and, just two and a half years after its inception, our company went public. When we sold Xylan, hundreds of those founding team members became millionaires and the quality of life for many others was raised, too.
As a business owner, I know the all-around value of providing good-paying job opportunities. As the owner of Sand Canyon Resort & Spa, I'll provide hundreds of locals with good-paying careers in a large variety of industries - from construction and landscaping to hospitality and the culinary arts, health and wellness to tech services. I'm fully aware that I'm not just building a resort - but a corporate culture that values everyone who contributes to the guest experience.


Partnering for the Environment
The most common concern about this project is rightfully about the impacts to our environment. I am deeply grateful to the local community members that have shared essential feedback on ways the Sand Canyon Resort & Spa can serve as a better steward of our local flora and fauna. We have taken many of these recommendations and incorporated them in our plan. Cultivating a harmonious relationship between our distinctive natural environment and the resort has been, and will continue to be, our top priority.
We've invested millions of dollars to create a plan that will have no significant environmental impact to the area, per the Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Our eco-friendly development will run entirely on Solar-powered energy. The landscape will be watered by drought-smart, grey-water systems. Eco-friendly prefabricated cold-form steel frames cost more, but they lower our overall environmental impact and reduce construction time significantly.
Creating a family-friendly resort that is self-sufficient, while being beautiful and luxurious too, can change the way resort recreation is done not just in Southern California, but beyond our borders. I want the Sand Canyon Resort & Spa to set the standard for future resorts and rehabilitations of existing properties all over the world. This is a chance to prove that prioritizing community and conservation is good business - right here in Santa Clarita.

Connecting with Community
As you can see, I'm passionate about this project - and I hope you will be too.
Right now, we are working hard to get final approval for the Sand Canyon Resort & Spa, so we can break ground before summer.
If you want to learn more about the project, I invite you to visit our website You will be able to see the project overview,
the project history, the architecture and interior design, all related EIR documents and more.
You can also follow us for updates and opportunities to support this project on our social media platforms, linked at the website.
With your interest and support for this project, our shared dream can become a reality soon!
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