Be the Greatest Guest
December, 2018 - Issue #171
Forget "host with the most." This season, it's all about being the greatest guest. Study up on the low down, then watch the invites start rolling in.

What is "fashionably late," and should you be?
If you dread imposing on your host while they're still in the midst of preparation, or would rather not mumble through small talk with a small handful of other early arrivers, you can choose to arrive to a function "fashionably late." The general consensus is that, for time-flexible events (Think: Soiree, not surprise party.), arrivals 30 minutes after the designated start time are apropos. Do note that being the last in, and first out, is looked upon poorly, however. "Making a cameo" gives the impression that your hosts and fellow guests aren't high on your priority list.

What's the deal about host gifts?
We cannot state this often enough: A gift for the host is not meant to be shared during the festivities, but is a present for the host to enjoy afterwards. Too many guests place their host in the awkward position by asking or insisting that their "gifted" alcohol or dessert be enjoyed immediately, presumptively so that the other guests can bask in the brilliance of their taste. This shows total disregard of the entertainer's planned menu and resources. The same goes for flowers and other novelties; allow the host to place the items where they want them, even if that's in the kitchen or other out-of-sight space - and never pressure a host to open a surprise wrapped gift during their event.

Is there a rule about cleaning up?
Actually, there are several. Certainly, keep after yourself - don't leave empty glasses on tables and clear your plate if service staff or your host doesn't do it for you. But here's the big no no: Don't begin "politely straightening" or cleaning up while the party is still in full swing - you'll give the other guests the impression that the event is winding down. After most have cleared, though, it's polite to offer help filling a dishwasher or tossing trash - but you must take the cue of your host. Offer no more than twice; if you're turned down, take the hint. Your host may want to leave all cleanup until the next day, has staff arriving to do the literal dirty work or... just really wants you to go home. Follow their lead.

The Host Happiness Pack

Arrive with one, then have all the fun.

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