Goodbyes & A Good Buy
March, 2021 - Issue #197
courtesy of shutterstock
courtesy of shutterstock

This Month, Say GOODBYE to...
Food that no longer serves you.

We're all for "releasing" energy-vampire people, but what about the space-hogging, inspiration-sucking food items in your pantry, fridge and freezer? (We're lookin' at you, three full containers of Trader Joe's black-bean taquitos that our kids won't eat after the recipe revision.). Donate it when you can, toss it when you must - but for the love of all things culinary, get it out of your kitchen so that you can get back to enjoying life's primary pandemic pleasure - food.

Counters that could be featured in an episode of "Hoarders."
We appreciate your commitment to starting each day with a green smoothie, but it was your New Year's resolution in 2017 and you've had... three since then. Stick the Vitamix, garlic chopper, griddle and their friends - atop the fridge, under the cabinet or in the garage - because you need that counter space for things you actually use.

Spices that have moved more than you have this year.
No, we're not talking about your heavy hitters - those spices you reach for multiple times a week. Instead, we're throwing shade at the spices that have literally moved - as in, "residences." Our culinary shame: The Costco-sized chili powder that's older than two of our kids. It's time to toss it. Worst case, you've made more room for back-up bottles of Everything But the Bagel seasoning. Best case - you replace it with a new blend that gets you excited to be in front of the stove.

Acura Certified Pre-Owned Program Offers Peace of Mind

Acura Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) was named as having the best warranty among premium vehicle brands, according to the 2020 IntelliChoice CPO Program Study. And while Acura vehicles have always been recognized as an exceptional value, IntelliChoice also found the Acura CPO vehicles have the lowest ownership costs among premium vehicle brands. That's a double win for drivers in the market for a quality pre-owned vehicle. From the engine to the door locks, these elite cars are held to the highest standards and must pass a comprehensive 182-point vehicle inspection and a Vehicle History Report review. Virtually every mechanical system is checked and serviced to meet precise specifications and a thorough appearance inspection scrutinizes fit and finish to ensure the vehicle upholds the luxury and sophistication of the Acura name. Upcoming services are also identified and performed during inspection and new floor mats are installed. Each vehicle is reconditioned, inside and out, to create a certified luxury ownership experience. Only vehicles with less than 80,000 miles are accepted into the program. Complete with benefits such as warranty, roadside assistance and concierge services to name a few, an Acura CPO is as close to a new car as possible.
If you are in the market for a certified pre-owned
luxury vehicle, visit Valencia Acura's showroom
or website for a complete inventory.
Valencia Acura 255-3000
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