How Busy People Eat Healthy
Plate Therapy's Convenient Organic Delivery Service is Changing Lives
May, 2016 - Issue #139

Confession: I have a Pinterest board dedicated to healthy cooking - but I've never actually made anything I've "pinned."

That's why I was more than intrigued when I learned about Plate Therapy, an SCV-based fresh-meal delivery service that specializes in Paleo- and Whole 30-friendly foods that taste as incredible as they look. I've tried meal delivery before, with mild success. But I was never able to find the perfect balance of organic quality, peak freshness, accessible price, convenience and - the most important - flavor. That is, until I tried Plate Therapy.

My trial week started on Wednesday, when I popped online for four minutes (Yes, I timed myself!) to place my weekly food order at After scanning the breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and "sweet tooth" options, I selected what I craved most and eagerly awaited my Sunday delivery.

I happened to be home when Plate Therapy's educated, warm delivery person arrived at my door. If I hadn't been, they would have left my meals in an insulated bag on my doorstep. They came in at my invitation and unpacked my meals straight into my fridge, answering all my questions.

I planned on waiting until Monday to dive in, but the Butternut Squash Lasagna looked so good, I just couldn't delay. I warmed up the meal in the oven (A microwave would have worked, too.) and dove into the layers of squash, mild Italian chicken sausage, marinara sauce, cashew ricotta and fresh spinach, plus the side of roasted rosemary potatoes. It was delicious - better than anything I've had in a restaurant lately. My body instantly thanked me for the organic fuel. I felt satiated and energetic - not tired, like I usually do after a meal. Monday started with Plate Therapy's incredible Quiche, made with Neuskes bacon, spinach, zucchini, bell pepper, eggs and almond-flour crust, served with a fresh organic mixed-fruit cup and Plate Therapy trail mix (Only $8.50!). I felt ready for my day, excited to tackle my to-do list.

By Friday, I had accounted for three hours gained by the time-saving Plate Therapy meals. Instead of shopping and chopping or waiting in a drive through, all I had to do was grab an incredibly-flavorful fresh meal from the refrigerator and eat. Gaining time was amazing; it's my most restricted resource. But I was also excited by what I lost: weight. In a week, I dropped almost two of the 10 pounds I've been struggling to lose. With meals starting at less than $9, Plate Therapy fits my budget. It gives me more time; fuels my body so that my work (And workouts!) are more focused and efficient; and has, in only a week, taught me that I truly "am what I eat."

Danielle McPartlin and Chef Thatcher Mills
Danielle McPartlin and Chef Thatcher Mills
Born of Necessity, Fueled by Passion

Mom to two small boys, Danielle McPartlin found herself struggling with her weight. She was exhausted, battling an underactive thyroid disorder and losing hope. She tried calorie-counting diets, ready-made "food" services and more; nothing worked. Then a friend shared her successes with the Whole 30 lifestyle. "It couldn't hurt to try," thought Danielle. In fact, the addition of Paleo-friendly, unprocessed, organic real foods, coupled with the elimination of gluten, began healing Danielle from the inside out. The weight began to fall off almost effortlessly; her moods improved. Her sleep was better and she again had the energy to work out the way she used to. Her anti-inflammatory diet instilled a vibrancy and health that was too obvious to ignore; friends, family and celebrities began asking her to meal prep for them in her healthy, homemade style - and Plate Therapy was born.

Fueled by demand, celebrated contemporary Chef Thatcher Mills soon joined the Plate Therapy party. Mills found his appetite for the food industry as a child, washing dishes for his dad - an executive chef at a high-end restaurant in Rhode Island. He was drawn to the action and intensity of the kitchen and worked there until joining the Coast Guard, where he served as a heavy-weather search and rescue driver. After his return to the mainland, he graduated top of his class with a culinary degree from the acclaimed Art Institute of California-Los Angeles. He then worked at several upscale restaurants, including Chez Melange, reviewed as one of the top-10 restaurants in LA. He found his sweet spot cooking rustic, clean, healthy food during his tenure, then transitioned to private catering, supplying convenience, health and quality to world-renowned musicians, actors and business executives. This experience instigated a paradigm shift toward ultra-convenient healthy eating. Creating meals that matched the personal health goals of his celebrity clientele set the stage for his role in helping design and implement Plate Therapy.

Plate Therapy is a no-commitment weekly delivery service. Order by Wednesday at 5pm for Sunday delivery.
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