Make Date Night a Late Night
September, 2018 - Issue #168
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What makes for a great night out in Santa Clarita? Our super-technical calculations ID'd the top qualifiers: romantic location, low kid-to-adult ratios and, because we've been with our partners for what feels like ages... something to talk about. Here are our favorite Friday night haunts.

Sabor Cocina Mexicana
Sabor gets a high ranking thanks to its romantic decor; plush velvets, dimmed lights and shimmering candles make this a hot spot for some PG-13 PDA. The menu is light and the drinks are strong, making Sabor a place to blow off steam - or steam things up. You'll savor your top-shelf margarita made with fresh fruits while enjoying a plate of Tacos de Camarones, with wild Pacific shrimp in achiote, red cabbage and crema.

The Vines Restaurant & Bar
Your weekend getaway is just a short car ride away. Treat yourself to The Vines nightly happy hour; it's a great gathering place for you and your friends after a community event held in adjoining Hyatt Regency Valencia event spaces. The beautiful decor and attentive staff will make any night a special one, but the real treat follows in the newly-renovated guest rooms just upstairs. Take dessert to go and indulge in a much-needed escape without the hassle of travel. 678-4085

Salt Creek Grille
At Salt Creek, you know that the food and drinks will be on point, the service will be spectacular and your dining partner will be impressed - but the real reason this is Date Night Central is because of the mainstay restaurant's special events. Share a fun night out with your love on September 13 for their five-course wine dinner with Cass Winery, or do good for your heart - and someone else's - when you attend the Project Sebastian Wine Tasting Fundraiser on September 5 ( 222-9999

SCV Moms Share their Babysitting Secrets
The consensus: A good babysitter's going to cost you between $12 and $15 an hour in Santa Clarita, though most moms who commented on our Facebook post admitted to paying more - upwards of $20 an hour - and tipping in order to ensure that the "good ones never say 'No.'" One mom, Amanda Kimball Wheat, shared that her pay varies on what's required that sitting. "If it's during the day and they have to make food, I pay a little more. If it's night and they are just watching Netflix, I go a little lower. I pay more if they are first-aid/CPR certified; if they're older; drive themselves; etc. When babysitters [clean up], I add a tip so they know they are appreciated, because most don't. And if they can last the whole time without reverting to the TV, I hire them more." As to how often they step out with their SO, our moms said that they get a sitter every week to twice a month. The best place to find an excellent supply of sitters? Church, though commenter Mia Zumsteg trades babysitting with other moms, saving big bucks.
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