The Band's Back Together
Reconnecting with Old Friends in a New Spot
May, 2019 - Issue #176
Forget waiting for that high school reunion, the invitation to "hang" that might never come. The new trend is reaching out to old friends - and while social media, texts and calls are good, the gold standard is the in-person meetup. Laugh about old times, find out what they've been up to, lament about a loss and make new memories in a spot that's fresh to you both.

For Friends who Like to Try New Things
The Arturo Fuente Cigar Event at Genuine Cigars

On Friday, May 10 from 4pm to 8pm, gather with cigar newbies, experts and everyone in between to revel in the rich experience that is Arturo Fuente cigars. Known the world over for their excellence because no one cultivates cigar filler and wrapper tobacco more scrupulously than Fuente, the brand will be well represented with exclusive finds, gifts with purchase and discounts. The event is free to attend at Genuine Cigars on Town Center Drive - a refined, welcoming spot that draws as many first-time cigar smokers as it does aficionados. Watch the game, join in conversation, catch up with friends and learn about the long and storied history of cigar culture in the US and beyond.

For Friends who Bring Out Each Other's Playful Side
The Local Pub & Grill

The Local is a posh version of the "Cheers-style" bar y'all used to frequent when you shared an apartment that was four to a room and smelled inexplicably like vinegar. Play tableside electronic trivia, try your luck at a number of traditional board and card games, go big with giant Jenga and shuffleboard, listen to live music, yell at the game on TV or... just sit at the bar and sip on a craft cocktail or craft beer. The staff here emphasizes the third tenet of the old adage, "eat, drink and be merry" - so be your loud, backslapping self that your bud remembers from college. Just do it with gourmet mac n' cheese instead of the boxed stuff this time.

For Drinking Buddies who get Social
JJ's Bar & Grill

JJ's is a lot of things - but pretentious it's not. This come-as-you-are bar is ultra casual - toss on a baseball cap and you're good to go. There are plenty of places - nooks, booths, tables, bar corners - to reconnect quietly, but at JJ's, it's best to join the party. While not riotous - the average patron is a dude who just wants to drink a good beer, eat some good food and watch a good game - JJ's doesn't disappoint on fun. Karaoke, DJs, Dodgers events, themed parties - there's a reason this bar won "Best Of" two years in a row. The menu is surprisingly tasty and expansive, too - there's even vegan/vegetarian options.
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