Treat them to a Classic this Holiday Season
November, 2019 - Issue #182

"As an SCV resident myself, I can tell you that when I get on the 126 and smell the citrus, FEEL THE OCEAN BREEZE and see the rolling green hills, I feel instantly relaxed. The road to The Saticoy Club is nearly as calming as a day on our gorgeous manicured grounds!"
Missy Carter, Director of Sales & Marketing
California State Route 126 curls through Heritage Valley, with numerous classic points of interest between Santa Clarita and Ventura County. Between rolling-hill vistas, you can experience a new way to taste the highway's celebrated citrus groves at Bennett's Honey Farm, feed trout at the Fillmore Fish Hatchery, ride a vintage train via Fillmore Western Railway, stop at any of over a dozen roadside fruit stands or learn about early California industrialization at the California Oil Museum. But perhaps your best choice for a treasured escape from it all: The Saticoy Club.

About 45 minutes from Valencia, The Saticoy Club's near-100-year history is enmeshed with stories of lore. Bing Crosby and Maurie Luxford brought the Stars & Stripes tournament here to support military soldiers; Bob Hope joined in, along with Mickey Rooney, golf star Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Randolph Scott, radio star Harry Von Zell and many more. As the first Ventura country club, The Saticoy Club was - and still is - where Los Angeles movers and shakers head to enjoy the low-key California aesthetic.

That may be why Fore Magazine's recent feature on the club calls Saticoy a classic: "From the time a player hits his or her opening tee shot down into the first fairway, to the time they rise back up to the 18th green, those at Saticoy CC usually come to the same conclusion: It's a classic. There are a certain number of boxes that must be ticked for a golf course to qualify as a classic, and Saticoy satisfies every one. From the course design to the golf shop to the dining room and bar, it's all right there."

Thanks to its proximity to Santa Clarita, SCV residents are flocking to this quick escape from it all. It's a chance to return to a slower time, surrounded by the luxurious details that have been cherished for generations.

Ranked "Top 10 Golf Course" in California by LINKS Magazine, The Saticoy Club is a golf-lovers dream gift - and now it can be yours, too. Offering $0 initiation fees through December 31, Saticoy is an affordable luxury that changes your lifestyle - for the better.
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