Mercedes Benz of Valencia
Now Member of Trophy Automotive Dealer Group
January, 2018 - Issue #160
Images courtesy of Mercedes Benz of Valencia
Images courtesy of Mercedes Benz of Valencia

"Our acquisition of Mercedes Benz of Valencia is an opportunity to not just EXPAND the Trophy Automotive Dealer Group, but to improve the total customer experience in Santa Clarita. We're very excited to meet our neighbors and connect to the community."
Nasser Watar, TADG CEO and chairman
Trophy Automotive Dealer Group (TADG), a multi-brand automotive dealer group, has increased its footprint across Los Angeles through the acquisition of four additional dealerships - including Santa Clarita's own Mercedes Benz of Valencia - and that means exciting things for consumers and the community.

"Our most important priority is to ensure that we deliver a class-leading Customer Ownership Experience from beginning to end, from the first time a customer interacts with Mercedes Benz of Valencia and through the entirety of their ownership experience," explains TADG's chairman and CEO Nasser Watar.

"Our team is committed to accomplishing this goal through consistent training and development of our staff; by providing customers with the responsiveness and transparency they deserve; and by assisting our clients, to the best of our abilities, to make an informed car-buying decision they can feel great about," continues the entrepreneur.

The family-owned company has already begun the process of revitalizing the Mercedes Benz of Valencia dealership from the top. "We have put a remarkable management team in place that embodies the values of Trophy Automotive Dealer Group," says Watar. "Combined with a service-oriented team, ongoing showroom renovations will continue to make the dealership more inviting. Customers and visitors will get the total package when they're at Mercedes Benz of Valencia - and that doesn't stop when they leave. Our service customers will be especially pleased by our more streamlined, five-star client care."
The new Mercedes Benz of Valencia won't only be taking exceptional care of those who drop by the dealership or make a purchase - the TADG is well known for their corporate social responsibility.

"TADG deeply believes that when you empower your team to 'do good' for their neighbors and community, they'll make a remarkable, positive impact," says Watar. "We're already working to partner with local nonprofit organizations, schools and groups to maximize results. It's so important to let Santa Clarita know that we are incredibly grateful for the support we've already received and continue to receive."

"This has been such an inviting, open community. We're grateful for the warm welcome and we're thrilled to start giving back and putting down roots in Santa Clarita," shares Watar.

Get Social with Mercedes Benz of Valencia
Under Trophy Management, Mercedes Benz of Valencia has already set the standard for responsiveness and quality communication. That experience continues online, thanks to the development of engaged social-media pages. "We don't want the conversation to be one sided," says Watar. "We don't see these platforms as a way of only giving information. Yes, we will always share the latest news, images and information on Mercedes Benz
and the dealership, but more so, this is a chance to truly
interact with customers through their entire journey. Relationships matter - and we are very
committed to developing one of mutual care and respect with Santa Clarita and the community's residents."
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