Meet Up at Marston's for Flavors to Savor
March, 2019 - Issue #174
The service at Marston's Restaurant in Bridgeport Marketplace is as speedy as it is friendly, which is ironically unfortunate when considering the popular SCV spot's new menu selections. These are flavors that you want to take your time with, get to know and share. Thankfully, the staff is used to lingering guests, because you don't want to rush these meals. They're worth savoring.

The same can be said for Marston's itself. Casual yet well appointed, with rich wood accents and comfortable quality seating, it's an elevated dining experience that serves up happiness, not pretense. The food, the family-like service staff, even the drinks - they're made of real substance. The authenticity and sincerity is palatable.

That's thanks to owner Chef Jim McCardy, who's warmth and enthusiasm for the local, sustainable ingredients he chooses - and the means in which they are prepared - sets the restaurant's positive vibe. Never one to rest on his laurels, McCardy has recently been exploring Los Angeles's more eclectic eateries, identifying new flavors he'll incorporate into future seasonal menu updates. It's a process of refinement and revision, allowing foodie favorites their place while keeping the options fresh.

Here's what to try now - so you can come back later. The Marston's menu is always changing to reflect the best of locally-sourced ingredients.

Honey Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Brussels have been the "it" vegetable for more than a hot second, but Chef Jim's treatment of the sprouts - tossed in balsamic, honey and olive oil and served with a sweet and spicy calabrian aioli - make them new again. The heaping appetizer portion makes for a wonderfully-light vegetarian meal; you won't bore of these brussels.

Grilled Tiger Shrimp
Served with light-as-air whipped yams the whole table went wowza for, as well as a bright, sweet chile aioli and cucumber relish, this generously-portioned dish's star are the grandly-sized tender shrimp. A treat for the seafood lover, the perfectly-balanced plate is all at once a vinegary, savory, sweet experience that's a joy to eat.

Chateau Sirloin
A traditional freshly-made bordelaise accompanies this very generous - and very flavorful - cut of juiciness. Served with broccolini and addictive fries tossed in a white truffle oil, this is what carnivore dreams are made of.

Grilled Beefsteak Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella
Chef Jim knows a lot about food, but when it comes to picking produce, this man is in a class by himself. Years of cultivating mutually-beneficial relationships with niche growers means that Marston's guests get the literal cream of the crop - in this case, a handcrafted mozzarella that is nuanced, delicate and delicious when paired with the slender slabs of ripe, flavor-rich tomato. The popped sorghum served as garnish deserves a nibble, too. It's a nutty surprise.

Basil Seared Sea Scallops
Big, tender bites of scallops dance with a deliciously-surprising supporting cast. Fennel, sweet pepper ragout, shiitake roasted in walnut oil and saffron butter sauce combine for a rich, satisfying culinary adventure.
These scrumptious dishes - and the full menu - are available for take-out, too. Order online at or by calling. 253-9910
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