The Dish!
Eating Healthier on the Go just got Easier
September, 2016 - Issue #143

"When Danielle and I first moved to Santa Clarita from Hollywood 12 years ago, Greg and Chell Amsler
of Salt Creek Grille were the first friends we made - and Salt Creek is still our favorite restaurant in the SCV. A few years ago, Danielle helped Greg develop a fit menu for the restaurant. When we and Chef Thatcher Mills created Plate Therapy, our HEALTHY-MEAL DELIVERY COMPANY, Greg came up with the idea to freshen Salt Creek's fit menu while also helping to promote Greg and Chell have been so supportive of our business and we truly couldn't do it without them. It's so great to see such a successful family-owned business helping out another family-owned business. I don't know if you'd find that anywhere else but Santa Clarita! Team one of your favorite Plate Therapy dishes with half-priced Tito's on Thursday night at Salt Creek and you're still gluten-free while feeling indulgent!"
Ryan McPartlin of Plate Therapy
You're out running errands - or out on the town. You're hungry and would love nothing more than sinking into a favorite restaurant booth with good service and even better friends. The only hesitation: Your newfound dietary lifestyle may be boosting your energy, but it's cramping your social style.

Whole 30 and paleo lifestyles have changed SCV bodies for the better while also proving to be a road block to dining out. The no gluten/grains/sugar/dairy diet has helped countless locals lose weight and relieve symptoms of illness, but it's hard to find a delicious meal that fuses flavor with fitness-friendly ingredients.

Paleo and Whole 30 followers: You have a partners in Salt Creek Grille and Plate Therapy. The organic-whole-food fresh-meal delivery company that fills fridges every Sunday in the SCV with gourmet goodness has paired with Salt Creek Grille to offer three fabulous Plate Therapy-inspired dishes that are big on flavor while light on calories. Plus, they contain none of the no-no's restricted by paleo and Whole 30 lifestyles.

"Get Healthy" Plate Therapy Menu at Salt Creek Grille
The Plate Therapy selections at Salt Creek Grille are Whole 30 and paleo friendly.
Kale & Brussels Sprout Salad
baby Russian kale, char-roasted brussels sprout leaves, dried cranberries, toasted pine nuts, crispy pancetta, cherry tomatoes and citrus vinaigrette
(approximately 427 calories)

Salt Creek Caprese
roasted beets, tomato, cashew "ricotta," baby arugula, toasted pepitas, aged balsamic and crispy prosciutto (approximately 433 calories)

Protein Plate
grilled chicken breast, bruschetta, avocado, cucumber, soft-boiled egg, grilled portobello mushroom, romesco sauce
(approximately 435 calories)

Other "Healthy Eats" Selections at Salt Creek Grille
Chicken Salad Sandwich
chicken, pecans, green apple, dried cranberries, shallots, Greek yogurt and apple cider vinegar served on pita bread with fresh fruit (approximately 254 calories)

Grilled Vegetable Stack
portobello, spinach, bell pepper, eggplant, mozzarella, balsamic glaze, red pepper coulis and rice pilaf (approximately 285 calories)

Blackened Salmon Jicama Tacos
blackened salmon and pineapple jicama slaw served in a jicama tortilla
(approximately 341 calories)
The "Get Healthy" menu is available now at Salt Creek Grille (222-9999) on Town Center Drive in Valencia. Eat Whole 30/paleo conveniently with fresh-meal organic gourmet foods delivered to your door by Plate Therapy every Sunday. Just place your order by Wednesday evening!
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