The Dish!
March, 2018 - Issue #162

Ready for a sweet treat that's anything but average? Something moist, not too sweet, that's as gorgeous as it is delicious?

"Let them DRESS YOUR BUNDT to the nines in luxe faux flowers, satin bows, festive flags, crowns and more - but if the only thing your bundt is wearing are luxuriously-draped ribbons of Nothing Bundt Cakes' signature cream-cheese frosting, that's perfect, too."
Then it's time to give Nothing Bundt Cakes a try. These stunning bundts aren't just delicious. Nothing Bundt Cakes is also the ultimate in convenience. Ready for pick up when you walk in, or by custom order, these beautiful bundts are available in a variety of sizes - two cake sizes, tiered cakes, bundtlet single servings and four-bite bundtinis (Like a cupcake, but cuter!) - and 10 flavors. With special designs for every holiday and special event, there's truly a bundt for every occasion.

Made daily by staff that's as sweet as the bundts they hand make, Nothing Bundt Cakes are crafted by scratch with eggs, real butter, real cream cheese - and lots of love. Even better, the Valencia location is an one-stop "everything you need to celebrate" shop with a fun and fab selection of greeting cards, great gifts, balloons, designer disposable paperware, cutlery and much more. Walk into the spacious, festive bakery and walk out with everything you need for your party.

What You Need to Try
Red Velvet

Nothing's smoother than the Nothing Bundt Cakes Red Velvet. A battered blend of gourmet cocoa and buttermilk, this Southern sweetheart is vibrant both in hue and in flavor, thanks in part to delectable
bits of chocolate mixed throughout. The cream-cheese frosting adds a delicious tang, while the dense, moist crumb treats the tongue to a rich, silky texture bite after incredible bite.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip
The best gifts are rich - and you can say the same about desserts. I can't get enough of the decadent, home-baked flavor of this blissful bite that's packed with chocolate chips surrounded by a dark-chocolate cake batter. This not-too-sweet treat will go perfectly with a glass of your favorite red wine.

Lemon has the Best Zest
Everyone's favorite Nothing Bundt Cake to nibble with a cup of tea is the lovely Lemon. Light, refreshing and delicately sweet, this beauty is ripe with the taste of freshly-squeezed lemon juice that's divinely balanced by the perfectly-paired frosting. Grab one in the bundtlet size, sneak it into the work fridge and tell yourself that if you make it to 3pm in one piece, you get to have your (bundt) cake and eat it, too!

White Chocolate Raspberry
Thanks to the addition of the very best gourmet raspberry puree, this white-chocolate cake is bouncy, ultra-moist and entirely scrumptious. The luscious raspberry swirl balances the softly-sweet cake batter and was (literally) made for the tangy cream-cheese frosting.
Nothing Bundt Cakes is located at 24278 Valencia Boulevard in the Valencia Crossroads center,
near Starbucks. 291-2424
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