Eat, Drink & Play
March, 2012 - Issue #89
If you aren't addicted to Fatburger, it's because you haven't tasted one. Big, juicy and cooked to order, the recipe for these babies hails from 1952 and still uses the best ingredients (like lean, never-frozen beef). Order yours at Fatburger Valencia (on The Old Road) with a side of fresh-fried onion rings and a hand-scooped, real ice cream shake (because if you're gonna do it, might as well do it!). Then pull up a chair. Kickin' new jukeboxes are always on and pumping out the best of Rock & Roll, R&B, Hip Hop and classic Soul. The only way to make this scenario even better would be to give you a free burger, which is just what you'll get when you grab the coupon found on page 19. 290-2523

We're rarely found to be lacking for words, but Lady Di's Cookies & Sweets' version of Happy Hour has left us speechless. (Because our mouths are full.) All-day events include Monday $1 Cookie Day, Tuesday $2 Cupcake Day and Wednesday $3 Caramel Apple Day (these gorgeous Granny Smiths are big enough to share!). And - this is very exciting to parents like us who have children with gluten intolerances - Lady Di is now introducing her new Nature's Best Gluten Free Cookie. This nutritious, scrumptious masterpiece (gluten lovers love it, too!) is packed full of semi-sweet chocolate, cranraisins, cashews, roasted sunflower seeds and oats. Yum! 222-9102

We usually love when things are only available for a limited time, because our procrastinator mindset would never get anything accomplished (or, in this case, eaten) without a deadline. But, in this case, we're going to be very sorry to see these specialty menu items go. Get to Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company while they're hot: Prime Rib Sliders brushed with horseradish dressing, topped with red peppers and provolone cheese; Spicy Asian Flatbread Blackened Chicken brushed with sweet Asian sauce and topped with red pepper; and New Wing Flavors, including Sweet Thai, Lemon Pepper and Roasted Garlic & Parmesan. 252-7883

We have a confession to make and would like to ask, in advance, that you refrain from calling Child Protective Services after our little disclosure. We'll cut to the chase: There are few things we find funnier than giving Pop Rocks to toddlers. Do you remember these candies from your childhood? We still have no idea how they work (and we don't want to), but the premise is simple: When the candy comes in contact with a wet tongue, it literally (and deliciously, we might add) explodes. It doesn't hurt, of course, but it does startle you if you don't know what's coming. We tortured (lovingly) our younger sibs with the treats when we were younger, dreaming of the day when we could introduce our own children to the pleasures of exploding sugar. You can't get these treats just anywhere, alas. But you can get them at Rocket Fizz, located on Town Center Drive in Valencia. The friendly candy and soda purveyors will even take $2 off your purchase of $10 or more when you mention Inside SCV Magazine. 253-FIZZ (3499)

We love passionate people, especially when they are educated on their subject matter and have a real drive to help others. That being said, we adore Jenifer Felan, a health expert who's on a crusade to help you feel better. Jenifer provides access to a wealth of nutrition information and the Beyond Organic virtual farmers market delivery service. Offering delicious, healing foods like Raw Cheese, the best probiotics you'll ever find, Green Finished Beef (no grains, no hormones, no antibiotics!), good-for-you chocolate and much more, Jenifer does more than give you a taste of a better life. She gives you the tools to make a permanent change and heal your body from the inside, out. And we love her for it! 904-3627

Admit it. We're sensuous creatures. That's why food and wine are so enjoyable, especially when paired together! Find a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere to enjoy, add a touch of music, and you're well on your way to creating the perfect experience. So if you're looking for a way to bring a bit more sensuality into your life, visit Vino 100 and enjoy one of their daily tasting flights. When tasting wines, it's all about the senses: see, swirl, sniff, sip and swallow. Wine awakens the senses. From the moment you see it in the glass to the last delicious sip that lingers, there's a complex interplay of flavors delighting the palate. Selections change weekly; choose from a three-flight tasting ($15), a five-flight tasting ($25), or order by the glass or by the bottle. May we suggest something from Vino 100's small plate bar menu to accompany your selections? 294-6886

Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewing Company already has a rockin' happy hour and now they've doubled down. New to the lineup are specials like $1.50 off all pints on draft and all wines by the glass (including the fabulous house-made sangria!). Also new: Happy Hour Pizzas (only $5.50!), house-made empanadas ($5) and potato skins ($5) and 25 percent off all other appetizers. Get "Happy" at WC Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday nights 8 p.m. to close (available in the bar only). 263-9653

We finally had a chance to sample Salt Creek Grille's new private-labeled wine: SCG Blended Red. This yummy vintage is the result of a collaborative effort between SCG owner Greg Amsler and Pulchella winemakers Steve Lemley and Nate Hasper. Here are the tasting notes for those of you who've yet to enjoy a glass (Which you need to do. Now. And for those of you who've already given it a whirl, Salt Creek has changed their wine list and added many new, exciting offerings. Cheers!).

SCG Blended Red is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. Enjoy complex aromas of dried strawberries and bing cherries on the nose, which carry over to the palate, along with rich flavors of pomegranate and rose water. The balanced finish suggests ripe ruby red grapefruit, while the light tannins make the wine dangerously easy to enjoy with most foods. 222-9999

Not long ago, we met friends for Happy Hour at a restaurant that will go unnamed. Our crew suffered from "bill shock" when presented with our totals. Only the first round of drinks was discounted. Why? Because their Happy Hour only lasted an hour! (Someone's taking the word "hour" a bit too literally!). It takes us at least two hours to become completely "happy" (if you know what we mean), which is why we love Marston's Happy Hour. They give us four full hours to reach ultimate levels of happiness! (Tuesday through Sunday, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.). Their menu is incredible, too. Tenderloin of Beef Skewers ($6), Smoked Chicken Nachos ($5), Pork Tostadas ($6), Crab Cakes ($7) beer and wine ($4), specialty martinis ($7), well drinks ($5) and more are priced perfectly. 253-9910

On March 15, the City of Santa Clarita will present Senses on Main with the theme: "The Luck of the Irish." Yes, Third Thursdays in Newhall are getting Saint Pat-ified. This free event, held on Main Street from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., features gourmet food trucks, themed drinks, live music and much more. Check the website for current updates on entertainment and performers and get sneak peeks by following Senses on Twitter at @sensesonmain and "liking" them on or

We're Signed Up for the Mud Run!
We think we speak for all of us when we say that we could use a bit more exercise. That's why we've signed our kids up for the Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud Run held at Castaic Lake on April 15. (No, we didn't sign up ourselves. We think clapping, cheering and lugging their stuff is exercise enough.)
The ages 4 to 6 category will start with a 100-yard dash, then evolve into an obstacle course and end with a big ol' dirty dash through the biggest puddle of mud you've ever laid your eyes on. The 7 to 13 age group does a similar course with a 1-mile run to start.

The "big kids" (i.e. adults!) will choose from a 5K and 10K off-road course that features:
Military-style obstacles
Commanding cargo climbs
Wild water crossings
Mud, mud, and more mud
Post-race food, music and an awesome t-shirt
To register and for more information, visit the website at

Register Now
Have you ever been to a trap shoot? We hadn't, either. In fact, the only thing we expected to experience at last year's event was epic failure. (Most of us had never even held a squirt gun before, let alone a real one with - gulp - bullets.)

We were wrong. We only experienced a little bit of failure (We're ready for this year, though!) and had a ton of fun. The concept is pleasantly competitive for those who really know what they're doing, so if you're in that "range" (pun intended), this is going to be a big day for you. But, for the rest of us - the men and women who may not know much at all about shooting - we're just glad for the chance to shoot for "mulligan" packages off of the back of a large rocking horse!

The event will be held on Friday, April 27 at the awesome Oak Tree Gun Club and will benefit the 100-plus children with mental and/or physical disabilities who receive therapy on horseback at Carousel Ranch every week. Team and individual reservations are available and you'll get three rounds of trap, a gun rental, ammunition, targets and a yummy barbeque lunch. Trophies and prizes will be handed out, too (Though, to be honest, probably not to us!). The "How the West Was Won" Trap Shoot is truly a unique, one-of-a-kind day of fun and fundraising. 268-8010
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