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June, 2015 - Issue #128

{ "He Doesn't Need Another Tie" Father's Day Gift LIST}


Gift Option: A Trip Down Memory Lane

What you're gonna do: First, gain access to Dad's most treasured possessions. Then steal them.

Why you're committing theft: Because you're going to make sure he enjoys them. And we're not talking of the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" variety. He'll get his goods back - and they'll be better than before because, this time, they won't be stashed in a drawer or in a box tucked away in the closet.

What you're buying: You'll be springing for Pop's military metals, childhood treasures or beloved sports memorabilia to be professionally preserved in an archival-quality shadowbox with acid-free elements to ensure that these special bits and pieces of Dad's life can become a family heirloom. FASTFRAME 291-1325

Gift Option:
A Vehicle that's as Versatile as he Is
Why he needs the new 2016 Acura RDX: The RDX is for the dad who drives like a boss!

Why he'll think this is the best gift ever: More powerful, more efficient and more aggressively styled, the new 2016 RDX is built to stun. Newly energized, the new RDX boasts sleeker lines both in the front and rear, capped off by a more three-dimensional grille treatment. The lower front and rear also get a stylish redesign and all models come with new, more-sporty wheel designs as well as high-performance Jewel-Eye LED headlights that bring beauty to light. Valencia Acura 255-3000

Gift Option:
Personalized Pottery Pop will Love

Why he'll tear up: There's just nothing sweeter than a personalized present made
by a treasured child or grandchild.

What you'll help them make: Barbecue platters, mugs, plates with baby hand and footprints... the options are as limitless as your love for the big guy! Color Me Mine 799-9266

Gift Option:
Membership to an Exclusive Club

What dad never forgot as a kid: Jimmy Pelenski turning him down for membership into the ultra-important Tree House Club.

How you're going to make it up to him decades later: A membership to Valencia Country Club should do it.

Why this is the year to sign him up: New members land a $15,000 signing bonus along with first-class amenities like the legendary Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Signature Course, PGA Tour designed practice facilities, a new fitness center, a fabulous Clubhouse with incredible views and so much more. Call Missy Skinner, membership director, for more information. 799-1271

{ "Welcome to the Real World" LIST}

What every grad wants to be surprised with:
Orchid leis are gorgeous, make the grad feel ultra-special and distract from what could only be the least-celebratory "celebration" outfit ever. (Seriously, who came up with the poorly-fitting black "bathrobe" and cardboard hat craze?). As for the money leis, well - those just might be the most clever upgrade of the "money card" since... ever.
Charmaine's Bouquet Canyon Florist 297-3100

Why you should let Marston's do the cooking for the big grad party:
Hosting a party at your home or favorite venue is no small feat. Outsourcing the meal to Marston's means that you save time, stress and the embarrassment of finding out that you burned... everything.

What you should order: Marston's catering options are renowned for their flexibility (Cater for 2 or 200!) and you can choose from any of their delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner catering menus. Want something different? Chef Jim specializes in creating custom menus to make your event especially special.
Marstons 253-9910

Why you should spring for a graduation celebration at Flavor California-Mex:
Like a death row inmate making a special request for a "last meal," so too do many graduates feel like, from here on out, it's Top Ramen time. Gift them with a culinary treat they'll love that's affordable, too, because we all know that that new grad's going to need a handout now and again.

What to order for the big day: Able to accommodate very large groups in both the beautiful dining and banquet area, Flavor's biggest plus is still the innovative fusion menu. Our faves are the Mexi-Burger with ground chuck, cheese, caramelized onion, oven-dried tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and smokey mayo; the Grilled Steak Wrap with grilled steak, cheese, onions, green chile, lettuce and chipotle mayo; Chicken Tacos with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and salsa verde cruda; and Tacos al Pastor with marinated pork, grilled pineapple, cilantro, onions, radish and salsa quemada. No matter what you order, finish your meal with Deep-fried Ice Cream Lollipops with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce or the Chile Chocolate Pudding with fresh cream, caramelized bananas and sea salt. Flavor California-Mex 252-8074

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
{ "What, are You New?" LIST}

What it is: Vines Restaurant in the Hyatt Regency Valencia has always been well known for thoughtfully-sourced, regionally-inspired cuisine and their new menu exemplifies the best of both.

What you won't want to miss: The extensive new menu boasts a variety of delicious new options including five-star meals like Garlic Spiced Grilled Shrimp on a cheddar grits cake topped with ratatouille and balsamic glaze drizzle; Grilled Nimah Ranch Pork Chop served with sweet potato mash, bacon and onion spinach, apple demi glaze and apple chutney; Wild Mushroom Risotto with a basil and truffle oil drizzle, baby carrots and asparagus; and Grilled Crispy Skin Skuna Bay Salmon with roasted red pepper quinoa with seasonal vegetables topped with Mediterranean tapenade.
Vines Restaurant & Bar 678-4044

Who's new at Oaks Grille at TPC Valencia:
Executive Chef Peyton Poulsen, the Grille's former executive sous chef.

What will change: Chef Poulsen plans to introduce several vegan and gluten-free selections this year. Healthier dining options showcasing locally-procured ingredients will be on full display.

Why you should hurry in: Exquisite dining experiences are par for the course at the open-to-the-public Country Club restaurant. Chef Poulsen's farm-to-table cuisine will be especially savored when paired with a late-spring sunset and cool evening breezes through the heritage oak trees. The Oaks Grille at the TPC Valencia 288-1995, extension 131

What's new in the world of Chronic Tacos:
A new location in Valencia, plus a newly-remodeled location in Saugus, makes this favorite even more convenient.

Why you should call them now: Chronic Tacos isn't just the best place to snag a fab breakfast burrito, quick and delicious lunch or looked-forward-to-it-all-day dinner. It's also a top pick for catering. Chronic Tacos 296-6900

{ "I Need to Fit Into My Bathing Suit" LIST}

Where you should eat when stuffing yourself isn't on the to-do list:
Sabor Cocina Mexicana, which balances perfect proportions with authentic gourmet Mexican cuisine.

What you should order now: The heat is on, so cool off with the Sabor Chopped Salad, featuring chopped romaine, Jidori chicken, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, jicama, cucumbers, spicy croutons and Creamy Herbs dressing or, our new fave, the Ensalada de Camerones, made with organic mixed greens, wild pacific shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, jicama, roasted corn, crispy panela cheese and Pomegranate Vinaigrette.
Sabor Cocina Mexicana 259-9002

Where you should go if you accidentally-on-purpose have been stuffing yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey for, say... the last decade or so:
CrossFit Double Time, the new (And best!) CrossFit gym program on Diamond Place in Santa Clarita.

Why you should go: The majority of us have forgotten how to move properly. We've pushed our health and well-being to the bottom of our "to-do" list. What has this gotten us? Unwanted weight gain? Achy joints? Compromised mobility? Overall poor health? That's why now is the time to unlock your inner athlete and push your health to the top of your "must-do" list.

Why this CrossFit is the CrossFit to join: The gym is fantastic, the massage room is perfection and the class sizes are small, set at no more than 10 students each. But CrossFit Double Time is simply the best because the coaches are simply the best! CrossFit Double Time is built on the concept that the coaches must embody the principles that they are teaching. The coaches are all athletes and have their own specialties, but what they have in common is their desire to train and push their athletes to the limit of what they think is possible. CrossFit Double Time 209-1207

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
{ "Let's Do Something Different" LIST}

What tickets you need to buy:
Santa Clarita Ballet Company's "Little Mermaid," for either 2pm or 7:30pm performances on Saturday, June 13 at College of the Canyons Performing Arts Center.

Why you need to lock these down now: The best way to start summer is with a little under the sea adventure. But a better beginning is to add a splash of romance, an evil villain and a spunky heroine! This fairytale ballet will delight summer adventurers of all ages.

Why it's way better than a whatcha-ma-call-it: Under the artistic direction of Pamela Sosa, "Little Mermaid" features original choreography that puts a fresh spin on the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale. Through dazzling ballet, performed by Santa Clarita Ballet Company's most advanced ballerinas and professional guest dancers, the story of everyone's favorite mermaid's determination to win the heart of her handsome prince glitters and shimmers across the stage.

Why everyone will love it: As the Little Mermaid celebrates her 15th birthday with her beautiful sisters, an array of swirling fish, crabs and oysters, performed by members of the Santa Clarita Ballet Academy, drift across the stage in elaborately designed costumes that undulate and float in a spectacle of vibrant Mediterranean hues, shimmering like pirate's treasure and setting the tone for the show's steady flow of visual decadence. Dynamic set design featuring a full-scale ship and the rich resonance of composer Benjamin Britten's well-known compositions propel the plot.
Santa Clarita Ballet Company 251-0366

What date to put into your calendar:
The LA Police Gear store grand opening event is on May 23 from 9am to 6pm - and it's going to be awesome.

Why you should get up early that day: The store, located at 28700 The Old Road in Valencia next door to the CHP station, will raffle off a grand prize Franklin Armory M4-L custom rifle with a 16-inch barrel - and the first 50 customers get a free EDC bag. Prizes will be raffled every hour starting at 11am and shoppers will score a free In-N-Out meal with any $20 purchase. The In-N-Out cookout truck will be on site from 11:30am to 2:30pm. LAPG is open to the public and carries an extensive variety of police and military uniforms, boots, knives, hunting gear, camping gear, flashlights and much more.
LA Police Gear 239-6947

Where to go when it's time to skip out on Starbucks:

Undergrounds Coffeehouse, located within Real Life Church on Newhall Ranch Road.

Why this is a way better than your normal cup of joe: At Undergrounds, it's not just a cup of (Really good, and organic!) coffee. It's the opportunity to sit with a friend or a stranger for the refreshment of honest conversation, the pick-me-up that will ignite a spark of inspiration. It's the craftsmanship of many hands - the artistry of a barista, the careful technique of a roaster, the livelihood of a coffee farmer. It's the taste of a job well done.

Why you should go: Undergrounds Coffeehouse knows that when life is full, you need your cup filled. You're not alone. The whole world over, people need their cups filled, their needs met: thinking minds await education, walking feet await shoes, working hands await tools, growing bodies await food and aching hearts await hope. When you fill your cup at Undergrounds, you're helping fill the needs of others. Each purchase is an opportunity to help fill someone one else's cup, because Undergrounds donates those proceeds to worthy non-profit organizations and causes here in our city and all over the globe.
Undergrounds Coffeehouse
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