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According to decades of peer-tested scientific journal articles, the human tongue can distinguish four primary tastes: bitter, sour, salty and sweet. (The jury's out on whether or not to include "savory" on the list.) Which leads us to one clear conclusion: Scientists are wrong. We're confident that our tongues also have specific zones for all sorts of other things, particularly red wine, burgers, salsa and cream.
Santa Clarita is home to many fabulous reasons to Eat, Drink and Play this April!
From party time to St. Patrick's day, we have compiled a handful of fun and fabulous ways to Eat, Drink and Play in the Santa Clarita Valley this month!
What's happening in the SCV for two of February's most notable dates! Superbowl Sunday is on February 7th and Valentine's Day on February 14th (That's a Sunday, too!)
You're going to Party like its 2009... so why not get your last-minute tips on all things Eat, Drink and Play.
Who doesn't love this time of year? Gingerbread lattes, pumpkin everything (try the pancakes at Egg Plantation), desserts galore (Wolf Creek's peppermint chocolate cake will send you into a festive frenzy), and dare I say it, fruit cakes (Italia Panetteria's Pandoro ain't yo mamma's fruit cake). It's a sense-ual season and it warms even the coldest of holiday hearts. Lick your lips, mark your calendars and set aside time in your crazy schedule to indulge in these once-a-year yummies!
The only guide you need for take out, dine in, pick up, wind down, party there, bring them here, do this and order that - from the perspective of an SCV native.
From lunch breaks to football frenzies, there are so many fabulous ways to have fun this month in the SCV!
Contrary to popular belief, lunch is the most important meal of the day, for without it we wouldn't have brunch or linner! Oh, and there is no way you could endure an entire work day without that coveted break in your 9 to 5. Here are some of Santa Clarita's best lunch deals - now you can re-energize for less!
Tired of sitting in front of the couch? Here is your guide to getting out of the house and soaking up the SCV social scene...from fabulous new eateries to Concert in the Park picnic ideas, it's all here!
Tired of sitting in front of the couch? Here is your guide to getting out of the house and soaking up the SCV social scene...from restaurants to frugal shopping and Father's Day fun, it's all here!
Savor the World Over without Leaving Hasley Canyon
Have you tried...

The Kona Crisp's famous "Side Kicks?" Top off any meal with the Classic Big Island Kettle Fries made from Kennebec potatoes and sprinkled with sea salt or Sweet Potato Kettle Fries that are dusted with spiced sugar for a sweet kick;
Tired of sitting in front of the couch? Here is your guide to getting out of the house and soaking up the SCV social scene...from restaurants to fashion soirees to secret sales, it's all here!
Make it a really "Happy Hour" Wally's Grilled Shrimp is just one of the dishes from New Moon's Happy Hour Menu to be enjoyed in their stylish cocktail lounge. New Moon's food is a finely balanced fusion of traditional asian flavors all wrapped in an atmosphere of casual sophistication. Open 7 days. Zagat rated. Take out, dine in, catering, private heated patio dining.
New for the new year! In this feature we explore great ways to Eat, Drink & Play right here in town.
photography by Ted Dayton

Plan a Girls-only Night of Decadence
Just because you might be partnerless (temporary or otherwise) this Valentine's Day does not mean that you should skip out on the holiday festivities. Instead, join with other similarly-stationed gal pals and enjoy the best of what Valentine's Day has to offer: chocolate, gifts and love.
Count Down to 2009 with the Kids: Make it a Family Affair
As 2009 stands in waiting for its debut, it leaves us living tyrannically at the mercy of time as we look toward welcoming a New Year, and settling celebratory plans for a memorable New Year's Eve. An evening that typically demands considerable glitz and glamour, there is something refreshing about tossing extravagance aside and staying home in your pj's while hosting a kid-friendly evening and listening to Dick Clark commemorate the significant moments of the transient year.
The economy might be bad, but these dishes are still RICH. Comfort yourself with grown up grilled cheese or chops and buy yourself a temporary reprieve.

This is supposed to be the HAPPIEST TIME OF THE YEAR. But if you aren't yet feeling oh so festive, perhaps you should try to change your mental state via a swift kick to the salivary glands. They can then tell their neighbors, your "smile" muscles, to get with the picture.
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