Have Faith
Transforming Your Mind in 2011
January, 2011 - Issue #75
Take a new approach to your New Year's resolutions this year! For many of us, the lack of success in fulfilling our resolutions is created by a "faulty focus." Countless resolutions in 2011 will focus on changing outward behavior without changing the core values of the inner person.

A vast number of people will focus on losing weight in 2011, but will fail to confront the fact that they are emotional eaters who are coping with the loss of a job or significant relationship through food. Others will make resolutions to spend quality time with their family, but will neglect to acknowledge that they are in a loveless marriage and have children who have not been taught to love. Some will make resolutions to grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus Christ, but fail to search for a meaningful place of worship.

In many ways, these resolutions are equivalent to expecting a man with a broken leg to run the Santa Clarita marathon. Perhaps he could start the race, but it is highly improbable that he would successfully finish.

If we, like the man with the broken leg, are to successfully achieve our New Year's resolutions it will be through a process of transformation. Not changing what we do, but changing what we think and who we are. It is a process of transforming our minds. The scripture in Romans 12:2 reminds us that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. If you want to be successful in your New Year's resolutions for 2011, start by transforming the inner you - the values and beliefs that define who you are - by renewing your mind and renewing (or establishing) your faith in Jesus Christ.
Dr. Robert Cooper, pastor of Berean Baptist Family Fellowship; 296-3910

Friday > December 24, 2010
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