Have Faith
February, 2019 - Issue #173
Making 2019 the Best Year Ever
How can you make this New Year the best year yet? There are probably things you could start doing, but just as often, we have a big list of things we need to stop doing. What would be on your list?
I love planners and usually set 12-week goals. I find I need a quicker deadline to stay focused and so I have been working on my plan to make 2019 an amazing year. I plan to write a book and continue to take better care of my health. But here is the thing - we can do everything we can, but so much is ultimately out of our control.
So, how do we live our best life when life can be anything but wonderful?
I find that knowing God is with me makes all the difference. Even in the midst of things falling apart, I know God has me and that gives me strength for living.
Is this your year to draw closer to God? Join us on Sundays at 9am or 10:30am and hear a word to encourage you and help you take your next steps in faith.
Reverend Nicole Reilley is lead/teaching pastor at Valencia United Methodist Church 255-1301

The Big List of Things we Need to Stop Doing to have the Best Year Ever
Reverend Nicole Reilley explains that to have the best year ever, there are things we probably should start doing - and the contrary: stuff we should stop. Here's our list. What's on yours? Join the conversation on Facebook!
Letting clutter pile up in our homes, offices and minds.
Skipping church. We can sleep in on Saturday!
Gossiping - it's time to find other things to talk about!
Choosing convenience over real nourishment - and that goes for our bodies and souls.
Complaining about the world without doing more to fix it.
Focusing on the cover, not the book.
Putting "trash" in, because that's what comes out - it's time for a media cleanse!

Celebrate Two Upcoming Jewish Holidays with Congregation Beth Shalom
Tuesday | January 30
Tu BiShvat
Marking the season when Israel's earliest-blooming trees emerge from their winter slumber, Tu BiShvat is celebrated by eating fruit - especially selections mentioned in the Torah in conjunction with the bounty of the Holy Land: figs, grapes, pomegranates, dates and olives. The minor holiday is a time to reflect on the verse from Deuteronomy: "Man is a tree of the field."

Wednesday | February 28
Purim festivals celebrate the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia. The high holiday is commemorated with Megillah readings, feasting, gifts of food, charity and all around merriment.
As in past years, Congregation Beth Shalom will be joining with Chabbad and Temple Beth Ami for a Santa Clarita Community Wide Purim Carnival at a local park. Please be on the look-out for more details coming soon.
Want to learn more about these holidays - or celebrate with a local synagogue? Reach out to Congregation Beth Shalom. 254-2411
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