Have Faith
September, 2020 - Issue #192
The Gift of Educators & Special Needs Services
by Pastor Jack Winkle

Our kids were supposed to go back to school about now, but that has changed - again. Five months into the "2-week lockdown," those of us with school-aged kids have an increased respect for those who diligently educate our kids for much of the day, much of the year. We can talk another day about what is being taught, but I've found there are so many public and private school teachers who are able to teach Godly principles, required skills, true history and even a Christian worldview within an increasingly secular environment.

So I am grateful for those parents and teachers who stand for truth - who resist revisionist history, treat math and science as objective educational disciplines and even pray for the students placed in their care. It is my prayer that schools open again soon, as all of us try to return to the lives we lived only 6 months ago.
As we continue to worship and honor God, I especially invite families with special needs to join Julie, Noah and I at our abbreviated second service, Sundays at noon, designed for the whole family to attend. We hope to see you there!
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