Have Faith
November, 2020 - Issue #194

Celebrating the Unchanging Love that God has for All of Us
by Michelle Andrews

We are entering a season when holiday celebrations and traditions usually fill our schedules. What do those include for you? Maybe it's foods and baked goods, favorite decorations or school programs with your kids or grandkids. For some, time with family and friends away from the busyness of the year is what means the most and is what you look forward to. Have you wondered if the holidays this year - due to everything going on in the world - will feel less special?
The seasons of Advent - the weeks before Christmas when Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus's birth - and Christmas are special. Their meaning is not dependent on anything happening around us but is found in what we celebrate. God gave the world, including you, hope and peace through Jesus' birth. They are the heart of Christmas - and maybe you will find that they carry greater meaning this year. Join us for worship during this season as we celebrate the unchanging love that God has for all of us.
Michelle Andrews is associate pastor of
Valencia United Methodist Church. 255-1301
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