Baby Bliss
April, 2011 - Issue #78
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Expectant parents have big decisions ahead of them. Some are easy (Like deciding that "Moonpie" isn't a great middle name.); others are more difficult (like choosing who gets to tell Grandma-to-be that her favorite moniker, "Moonpie," isn't going to be on the birth certificate.). Don't worry. We're here to help. (But you're on your own with Grandma.)

Baby's First Pediatrician
Facey Pediatrics may be part of a large medical group, but you'd never know it. Each location feels like a small pediatric office, complete with personal, warm staff and medical professionals who really listen to your concerns.

Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
With Facey, you get the best of both worlds. The caring, comfortable setting is matched with superior technology, including lab and radiology services on site. Their state-of-the-art electronic medical record system not only assists in providing you the best in care by keeping your child's health information well organized, up to date and easily accessible, but also sends your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice - saving you time and worry.

Facey works diligently to schedule office visits and same-day urgent appointments with your child's pediatrician. This continuity of care is the foundation of a long-term, rewarding relationship that provides great relief and comfort to both child and parent. Of course, convenient urgent-care centers and after-hours on-call physicians are always available to ensure that you and your child are well taken care of, no matter the hour;

Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
New Moms Need Help!
Mother & Baby Boobtique Lactation Center
Early this year, Surgeon General Regina Benjamin issued a call to action to support breastfeeding, encouraging government agencies, medical facilities and private citizens to help mothers breastfeed exclusively for the first six months of life. We all know the incredible benefits that come with breastfeeding (for mommy and baby!). What we don't usually know is how to do it successfully, especially when confronted with life's many distractions. That's where Mother & Baby Boobtique Lactation Center come in. They provide the best supplies (think: pump rentals and sales, nursing bras and more) plus caring, experienced and personal instruction and support; 259-8802

Julie West Photography 295-7723
Julie West Photography 295-7723
Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
Offers Support Before & After Baby

Whether it's preparing for the birth of a baby, learning baby care basics, seeking breastfeeding support, or learning how to be a big brother or sister, parents and siblings will find a wide range of childbirth education classes and support groups at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital. The Labor of Love childbirth and parenting education series was created to help prepare parents for the childbirth experience. During the course, expectant parents will learn about breastfeeding, relaxation techniques, massage, the stages of labor as well as the benefits and controversies of medication administration.

Parents can acquire additional support, education and resources through Henry Mayo's comprehensive curriculum of monthly education classes that includes Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding Basics, Breastfeeding to Support the Working Mother, as well as Child and Infant CPR.

For guidance after childbirth, the Labor of Love program also includes a series of support groups: the postpartum support group helps moms with the transition into motherhood; the breastfeeding support group helps mother provide the most optimal nutrition for their newborn.

During a free, one-hour tour of Henry Mayo's Women's Unit, expectant parents will get the unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the hospital and its services. A nurse from the Women's Unit will explain every step of the birthing experience at Henry Mayo, from pre-admission to discharge. The hospital's free Tyke Hike program helps prepare children for their new responsibilities as a big brother or big sister. Siblings-to-be will learn how to behave around a newborn, hold a baby properly, as well as other important safety tips; 253-8607

Julie West Photography 295-7723
Julie West Photography 295-7723
Henry Mayo Support Groups Include...
Grief Support After Pregnancy Loss or Infant Death: The Perinatal Loss and Bereavement Support Group at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital offers help to anyone who is dealing with miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn death and offers understanding, friendship and bereavement support in an effort to assure parents that they are not alone in their grief. Free; 253-8607

The First Weeks Breastfeeding Support Group: Open to all lactating mothers with newborns up to three months old. $10 per person; 253-8238

Postpartum Passages: To help moms transition into the changes that a newborn brings, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital has developed a free postpartum support group. Moms are invited to share their experiences and concerns, or just listen, during discussions on the emotional adjustments experienced during pregnancy, birth and the first year postpartum;

No more One-size-fits All Baby Bedding
Yes, we think sweet cartoon images of lambs, lions and ladybugs (the "Three Ls") are very cute. But perhaps you'll agree with us that when it comes to baby bedding, we just want something more. Years ago, parents had little choice when it came to selecting blankets and the like for their little ones. ("We have it in pink, blue, yellow and... ooh... now green!") Not anymore. Custom baby bedding is now available at ABC Baby Furniture, where you'll be able to pick from hundreds of fabrics and designs (And if you really want ladybugs, they have them in spades!); 775-0360
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