Baby Bliss
May, 2014 - Issue #115
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Newborn and Sibling Photo Tricks
Photographing newborns with their sibling can be so challenging - and so rewarding! When bringing your toddler or preschooler for portraits with your new baby there are some guidelines that can make that process go more smoothly.
When scheduling your newborn session and sibling portraits consider your older child's nap time. Newborn photoshoots can be long, often two to three hours. Schedule sibling portraits for a different day all together, or at the very least get the sibling portraits out of the way at the beginning and then let big brother or sister leave with Grandma, play on an iPad, color...

Snacks or treats are an awesome idea! Siblings often respond well to the promise of a lolly pop at the end of the session, M&Ms doled out between shots... Whatever it takes to get the picture! Sometimes, 2 year olds not so eager to be near their new baby can be swayed with some cereal puffs placed right on the new baby get them close, looking at the new baby and touching Baby lovingly.

Be realistic about where your toddler or preschooler is "at." They may not be developmentally ready to hold that new baby for portraits, but you can get amazing pictures with them laying on their backs from above or sitting near Baby on a soft cushion.
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493
Neonatal ICU Team at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center
Receives State Cert to Care for most Critically-ill Newborns

The 12-bed, state-of-the-art NICU opened in 2011, the first to serve high-risk newborns from the Santa Clarita Valley, and now the first to obtain Special Care Center designation by the California Children's Services, a partnership of county health departments and the state Department of Health Care Services.

CCS designates Special NICU Care Centers as those that are multi-disciplinary and have multi-specialty providers who evaluate the tiny patient's medical condition and develop a family-centered healthcare plan to facilitate timely, coordinated treatment. Providence Holy Cross has met all the CCS standards and requirements to provide diagnostic and treatment services, medical case management and physical and occupational therapy services to premature and critically-ill infants in its Level III NICU.

"Expectant parents are filled with anticipation that they will deliver healthy babies, but there are occasions when infants need very specialized care," said Bernard Klein, MD, chief executive of Providence Holy Cross is Mission Hills. "This new designation certifies that our NICU provides the best care possible to the most fragile infants."

The hospital's NICU medical staff includes obstetricians, pediatricians and pediatric sub-specialists in cardiology, neurology and ophthalmology. The program is anchored by the hospital's nationally-accredited Magnet nurse team.

The NICU specializes in treating premature infants and babies with conditions including jaundice, respiratory distress and neonatal infections. The new unit is equipped with the latest incubators, monitoring systems and ventilators. NICU experts helped design the unit, which offers individual patient bays, privacy for families and better control of lighting and sound for the tiny patients. 888-432-5464

Stay Safe and Learn Child and Infant CPR at Henry Mayo
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital offers a Child and Infant CPR class to help give parents the confidence to handle stressful and potentially-dangerous situations by teaching them infant cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), choking procedures, as well as automated external defibrillator. Classes are held from 6:30pm to 9:30pm on May 27, July 15, September 30 and December 9. Participants will receive a Child/Infant CPR participation card from the American Heart Association. Cost is $35. 253-8607

Baby Trend: A Very Vintage Shower
florals by White Fig Designs 259-5588
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Loving your Body after Childbirth can be your Reality
The series of surgeries called the "mommy makeover" are among the most popular procedures at Beverly Hills Physicians for a good reason. Most women who have given birth will tell you that having children was - for all its challenges - one of the best things they've ever done. No one will tell you, however, that it was easy or that they liked what childbearing did to their body.

Typically, a mommy makeover involves one or more procedures to deal with the unwanted changes to the body as a result of pregnancy. The most-commonly obtained operation is the tummy tuck, known medically as abdominoplasty. This procedure removes the excess skin and fatty tissue that often remains after the substantial and sudden weight loss following a pregnancy. The procedure allows a doctor to tighten muscles, remove unsightly stretch marks and generally work to restore the stomach to its prior smoothness.

Since pregnancy and breastfeeding can change the shape and position of breasts, breast lifts are another popular portion of the mommy makeover. The position and size of the nipples and areolas can also be adjusted; augmentation is often included as well. Many women also choose to obtain vaginal reconstruction to alleviate the sexual and urinary issues that can become a factor after one or more pregnancies.
With any set of procedures a woman obtains, she should know that her choice of plastic surgeons can make a tremendous difference. The highly-experienced, respected practitioners of Beverly Hills Physicians are known not only for their surgical ability and vast medical knowledge, but also for their artistry in reshaping the human body, bringing out the very best in every patient's appearance. They are also known for their compassion and detailed follow-up work to ensure that the recovery after a procedure goes as smoothly as possible. Best of all, they bring their skill right here to Valencia!
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