Best for Baby
September, 2016 - Issue #143
Laurie Sachs Photography  305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

Providence a "Baby Friendly" Hospital
with Private Rooms & Focus on Safety

Whether you are expecting a baby this year or next, it's good to have options for natural birth. Dr. Rachel Long, an Ob-Gyn physician practicing at the Providence Medical Institute office in Santa Clarita, believes natural childbirth gives parents a customizable experience.

"We are all about respecting the patient's wishes," she says. "We provide so much patient autonomy. It's their body, their baby, their decisions, including birthing positions. During routine labors, as most labors are, everything is patient-centered and patient-led."

Dr. Long prefers to deliver at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, located in Mission Hills, because it is a "Natural Birth Friendly" hospital with large, private rooms and a focus on safety. The hospital offers recovery rooms to help keep new moms calm during and after birth. Holy Cross also helps new moms prepare for childbirth by offering pre-labor classes such as Lamaze, breastfeeding, infant safety, sibling classes and more.

"It's wonderful to work at a hospital that is so supportive of natural childbirth," she says. "Holy Cross is proud to be a baby-friendly hospital. All our nurses at Holy Cross are well trained in natural birthing. We have birthing balls, 'peanut' balls to help the baby turn and wireless monitors so mom can walk during labor. The medical center is committed to respecting the 'Golden Hour' so that breastfeeding can be established after birth."

Dr. Long adds that there's an added level of security that draws expecting parents to Providence. "Families are excited when they learn that we are the only hospital in the area with a Laborist program," she explains. "There is always an Ob-Gyn on the grounds, as well as an anesthesiologist that is ready to reply to any emergency call. If baby's quickly coming, we're always ready to go," says the doctor.
The Providence Medical Institute practice is located in the Bridgeport Marketplace at the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and McBean Parkway. Patients can call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Long. 291-3444
Laurie Sachs Photography  305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

We're Sweet on Newborn Photography
You know you're going to snap photos of Baby multiple times a day (And drive your friends crazy with all the uploads to Facebook!). So why spend money on professional newborn photography when you can "click" yourself?

The newborn state is fleeting, only lasting a few weeks. There are no do overs! When your baby is off to Kindergarten (Don't blink!), you'll be able to gaze on the professional photos on the wall and remember where it all started. (You can't do that with an Instagram post!).

Wedding professionals always recommend that families hire the best photographer that suits their budget. Newborn photography is much the same; it's too important to skimp.

Babies typically triple their weight in their first year of life. That's a lot of change in a short period of time. Don't you want to have an heirloom collection of photos to document it?

Only an expert should be handling and posing your newborn baby. Have you seen the newborn photography Pinterest "fails?" They're hysterical! Try it yourself for fun, but only after you've gotten the real deal on the schedule.

Your newborn photo shoot is an opportunity to build a relationship with a photographer that can grow with your family. Annual holiday photos, family pic updates... this is going to be your go-to photog. Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone who understood your style and the personality of all your family members?
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

Celebrate Flowers and Invitations 259-8611
Celebrate Flowers and Invitations 259-8611
ThermiVa Helps Moms Reclaim the Romance
Dryness, discomfort and disinterest can be treated with ThermiVa, a non-surgical, non-hormonal, pain-free treatment that doesn't require any numbing or down time. The innovative ThermiVa treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat intimate tissue to reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness - without discomfort.

Also a benefit: ThermiVa works like an "O Shot," but without needles. In fact, by increasing blood flow to delicate tissue, the area is rejuvenated. More oxygen and nutrients moving to the nerves in this sensitive space allow them to fire more frequently, providing increased sensation in G, A and U spots. This allows for easier physiological release during intimacy.

ThermiVa uses a special wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulva tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. The specially-designed handpiece may also deliver radiofrequency energy inside the canal to revive atrophic tissue and other structures. Patients also report increased improvement in bladder control, with less "leaks" when they sneeze, cough or exercise. ThermiVa's comfortable, no-anesthesia treatment can change lives in only three 30-minute sessions scheduled one month apart. Patients note a noticeable change after the first or second session and are able to resume intimate relations the same day of treatment.
Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497

Elite Care for Mom & Baby
At Woman Elite Care, the two-physician staff fuses the expertise of both an OB/GYN and an experienced pediatrician. Success is based on the long-term good health of all their patients. When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, care begins even before conception with their signature Pre-pregnancy and Pre-conception Planning consultations for the healthiest pregnancy possible. This is when all your questions will be answered and you can prepare for your nine-month journey. Pregnant? Congratulations! Your Prenatal Care includes regular checkups that are designed to ensure that both Mom and Baby are strong, healthy and happy. If High-risk Pregnancy Care is required, special attention is provided to ensure that, if problems do develop, they are identified and addressed as early as possible.
Woman Elite Care 260-1282
Laurie Sachs Photography  305-5493
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

Bonding with Baby before Birth
The last trimester of pregnancy is vital in developing Baby's senses and growing an everlasting bond between Mom and Baby. Babies not only start to know the sound of their mother's voice but grow a strong bond with her taste and movements. Many studies have been conducted surveying a baby's responsiveness to its mother's voice. By measuring the baby's sucking patterns, it has been concluded that the baby has familiarity with certain tastes and sounds, too. The relational connection a mother builds with her newborn starts when the baby is still in the womb. The baby quickly grows attached the sounds, movements and tastes associated with Mom. This strong connection has a calming, familiar effect on the baby, usually leading to a better latch-on during feeding.
SCV Birth Center 254-3000

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Family is Growing!

Join Us in Welcoming Little Lola & Mila

Sweet Lola was born on June 24 at 6:57am weighing 5 pounds, 3 ounces and measuring 19-inches long to Dr. Courtenay Poucher of Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita and her husband Garrett Poucher. She is a welcomed and adored addition to her siblings Mia, Morgan, Johnnie Ray, Mikayla, Miles and Jahari.

Lovely Mila was born on June 8 weighing 5 pounds, 15 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches long to Dr. Justin Heller of Heller Plastic Surgery and his wife, Ana. Mom, Dad and big brother Leo love cuddling with darling Mila!
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