Dear Baby...
You were the very Best News on the very Worst Day
April, 2010 - Issue #66
ultrasound photography by Storks & Co. 254-8100
ultrasound photography by Storks & Co. 254-8100
Dear Baby,

I have a story to tell you. It's about one of my favorite subjects.

It's about you.

It starts off a bit sad, though. But that's Ok. There are sad moments in life; that's a guarantee. But those sad times help us better recognize the happy times. Hopefully you'll see what I mean in a minute.
Here goes.

On September 22, 2009, one of my most treasured people died. Marie Blasco was my grandmother, my confidant, my friend. Her passing didn't come as a surprise (she was very old), but that didn't stop my heart from breaking into a million pieces when the news arrived.

A few minutes after I learned of her death, I e-mailed your mom to share the news (Do you know what e-mail is? I bet you communicate with your friends in a much cooler way now. Video-mail, perhaps? And did I just make myself sound old by using the word "cool?").

Being the dear friend that she is, your momma had me on the phone within seconds of getting my message. And that's where you come in.

Because Baby, there was only one thing that could have turned that dark day light: You.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. You see, I didn't know about you yet. All I knew is that your mommy and daddy (and the many people who love them) were praying that you'd come along.

My little people - Kati, Will and Olive-Anne - were hoping that one day, they'd have you for a cousin. You see, you were very wanted and very loved before you were even, well, "you!"

Back to the phone call. After consoling me for a few minutes, Mommy shared a new secret with me: You finally were on the way, and we'd all get to meet you on Mother's Day the following year. (Mother's Day! Can you believe it? Your mom always did have a knack for scheduling special events perfectly.)

Mommy's good at keeping secrets (I promise she's never told me any of yours!), and she intended to keep you just to herself for a few months. (Of course, Daddy knew, too.)

I'm sure you're quite familiar with how your mother knows just what to say or do to make you feel safe, warm and better - no matter what. Baby, she's had that skill for ages. Ever since I met her (Which was a long, long time ago!), your mommy has practically made helping other people a full-time job.

And so she knew just what to say to make my sad little heart feel glad again.

She told me about you.

You had only been in her tummy a few weeks, and your mom was 45 miles away from me, and we didn't even have video-mail yet, so I couldn't see her.

But that didn't stop me from feeling your presence in the world. (Don't tell Mom, but I immediately had an inkling that you were a boy!) It didn't stop me from laughing through tears. It certainly didn't stop me from blowing a kiss up to Heaven, because I'm sure my grandma - now being in Heaven and all - was well aware that your mommy was pregnant. (She thought your mom was "a hoot," which, in Grandma-speak, meant a very fun thing. She would have been "tickled" to hear that you were set for a May arrival.)

And now many months have passed. I rarely get sad when I think of my grandma these days. Even though she's not here, I feel her all around me, and that makes me feel safe, warm and better - no matter what.

Even though we've yet to be formally introduced, you make me feel the same way.
Therese Edwards is the proud aunt of Baby Crawford, a precious Little Prince who's pegged to be the biggest summer blockbuster to hit Santa Clarita in a generation. Not that she's biased, of course.
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