Happy Mom, Happy Baby
February, 2017 - Issue #148
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The old adages, "Happy wife, happy life" and "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" seem quaint - until there's a frustrated pregnant woman, struggling mom with a newborn or even an experienced (And still exhausted!) mother in the house. Then they make all the sense in the world! Taking care of Mom means that she's better able to take care of the ones she loves the most. Here are three ways that moms, new and otherwise, can take care through some of the most stressful - and rewarding - times of their lives.

1. Choose Warm, Attentive Prenatal Care
The term is "prenatal care," but too many medical offices put little effort into the "care" part. Moms who feel listened to, unrushed and cared for are more relaxed, prepared and ready when it's time to give birth - and that can make a real difference for Baby. Invest in regular checkups with a team that specializes in women's care, including high-risk pregnancy management. Women Elite Care 260-1282

2. Know your Options when it comes to your Birth
Some women prefer to birth in a hospital, others prefer to birth at home or in a dedicated birth center with a midwife. Our culture often tells us, though, that one is better than the other - but scientific research has shown that, for uncomplicated pregnancies, birth with a midwife is actually safer for Mom and Baby than hospital birth. Moms need to know that they have a safer, warmer, more nurturing option to hospital birth, where they can labor where they want and how they want, accompanied by everyone (Or no one!) they adore. Plus, after Baby is born, their natural-birthing community is still there for support, professional assistance with nursing and a variety of classes and groups created to ensure that Mom and Baby stay healthy and happy. SCV Birth Center 254-3000

3. Feel Good about your Body After Baby
After childbirth, moms often feel like their body isn't their own anymore. After all, it can be hard to "recognize" the new stretch marks, sagging breasts and different sensations in their most intimate parts. And, while all of these changes might be annoying, some actually alter the way your body feels and functions. Case in point: birth can stretch and permanently alter the way you look and feel "down there," leading to laxity and a "loose" feeling, urinary incontinence and more. Plus, hormonal changes can leave you feeling dry and uncomfortable. That's why many moms are choosing pain-free, non-invasive ThermiVa treatments that tighten, heal and promote production of collagen and elastin in the reproductive area. Women and their partners report a dramatic increase in sensation and intimate fulfillment after only the first of the recommended three-treatment ThermiVa procedure, which is performed with a unique warming wand that gently heats tissues, improving appearance while also encouraging a return to pre-baby condition. Curious? Talk to an all-women/mom staff who use ThermiVa themselves and are dedicated to providing warm, confidential care from a doctor who specializes in intimate rejuvenation. Aesthetic Center of Santa Clarita 312-0497
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