Sweet Dreams are Made of This
May, 2018 - Issue #164
photography by Laurie Sachs
photography by Laurie Sachs

Gifts of Portraiture will Last Forever
Wondering what to give - or ask for - for that upcoming baby shower? A gorgeous gift certificate for maternity, newborn or new-family heirloom photos is truly a gift that will long outlast, and out cherish, all others! Laurie Sachs Photography uses lush natural light to capture babies and those who love them. The cozy studio is quiet, comfortable, nursing-friendly and filled with every prop possible. You'll quickly see why Laurie has been named California Family Photographer of the Year and a Fuji Masterpiece Award Winner.

Far-infared Heat Shown to Enhance Lactation
Breastfeeding is so good for Baby - and mom! But it can also cause worry about production, muscular discomfort and more. That's why so many post-partum moms head to Organic Sweat Shack (After they get their midwife's or doctor's permission, of course!). Far-infared heat, in a study of 63 moms struggling with production, was shown to "enhance lactation significantly." But that's not the only reason Mom may want to spend 30 ultra-relaxing minutes solo in their saunas. The deeply-penetrating heat will help release tight shoulder and back muscles that have tensed during night nursing, when it's especially hard to maintain proper positioning. And - with the average calorie burn being 600 for every half-hour session - moms can get some help dropping those pregnancy pounds, too. The popular Old Town Newhall spot is the place to get wholesome, organic nutrition for Mom, as well - because a nursing mother needs all the good stuff she can get!
Organic Sweat Shack 678-0880

Insight Ultrasound
Insight Ultrasound

Bond with Baby Before Birth
Bonding with your baby starts well before your baby is born. Every little kick, turn and hiccup you feel is a means of communication between you and your baby. When you go to Insight 4D Ultrasound, you are able to take that bonding to the next level. Experience smiles, yawns and your baby sticking out its tongue; you'll never forget it! Seeing and counting fingers and toes together with your significant other - or sharing the experience with the whole family - allows everyone to fall in love and creates a moment that will be treasured by all.
Insight 4D Ultrasound 257-2223

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock
Teething's Tough: Here's How to Help
Teething babies get the most relief from cold and/or pressure on the affected area. This can be applied with chilled teething rings; cold, wet washcloths; chilled pacifiers; and massaging Baby's gums. Make sure not to actually freeze your baby's teething ring or pacifier - this could burn if left in the mouth for too long. And it might seem like an obvious statement, but please don't listen to your relatives who tell you to put booze in Baby's mouth! This outmoded "remedy" of rubbing whiskey or other alcohol on the gums is neither effective nor appropriate. Over-the-counter medication may be helpful, but always check the correct dosage with your pediatrician or pharmacist. These, too, should not be rubbed on the gums because they can burn. Numbing agents shouldn't be used on babies under age 2 unless directed by a physician. If you have any questions or concerns about teething, contact a pediatric dentist who's "been there, done that" with their own cuties - and can provide not just helpful tips, but an empathetic ear, too. Remember, it's best to start dental visits by your child's first birthday to establish this lifelong health-promoting routine.
Valencia Children's Dental Group 294-1800
photography by Corinna Schutz
photography by Corinna Schutz

Santa Clarita Moms Share "Before Baby" Tips
The final days and weeks before Baby arrives can be exciting, nerve-wracking and full of questions. To help sort those feelings, we asked local moms in the community to share their tips.

"Taking a childbirth education class is a must! A breastfeeding class can also be helpful. And postpartum doulas are angels." Allison Vail Bravo, SCV mom of two from Newhall

"A couple weeks before I had each baby, I would hiring a cleaning service, do a Costco trip and stock up on easy-to-make, ready-for-the-oven meals." Kirsten Everts, SCV mom of four

"I recommend bringing a Boppy for breastfeeding, a robe and slippers, and button-down pjs for easy breastfeeding access. You'll feel more human when you are in your own clothes and not the hospital gown. Have a plan, but be okay if it doesn't go the way you want. And take lots of pictures!" Briana Adachi, SCV mom & local kindergarten teacher

"Schedule newborn portraits before the baby arrives! Corinna Schutz Photography helped me realize how important it is to capture those first moments. Get the photos while you can; great, local photographers like that book up quickly." Rai Zapata, SCV mom of two & lifestyle blogger

"Remember that there is no one right way to be the perfect mom - everyone is different! Focus on preparation, but trust your intuition. It's inside of you. You've got this, momma!" - Corinna Schutz, SCV mom & newborn photographer
Corinna Schutz Photography 212-0831
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