The Best of Baby
May, 2016 - Issue #139
photography by Laurie Sachs
photography by Laurie Sachs

Pregnant or want to Be?
Your Dental Visits just got more Important

Visit your dentist early: Generally speaking, dental work can be safely performed through the first half of the third trimester, but earlier is always better - preferably before pregnancy. The American Dental Association has pointed to research linking premature birth and low birth weight to women with periodontitis (gum disease). Why? Hormones - and the sneak-attack caused by Pregnancy Gingivitis. Hormones play a pivotal role in a woman's life and during pregnancy they're out in full-force. During pregnancy, this natural rise in hormones causes an increase in blood flow to gum tissue, which can cause some women to experience swelling and tenderness in their gums. This increase in blood flow also tends to cause gum tissue to exaggerate the way it reacts to existing plaque in the mouth and can trigger what is known as "pregnancy gingivitis." If ignored, gingivitis leads to the periodontitis and a true cause for concern during pregnancy. That's why it's so important to see your dentist as early as possible.
Everbright Family Dentistry 296-3300

Insight 4D Ultrasound
Insight 4D Ultrasound
Meet your Baby before Birth
For over 11 years, Insight 4D Ultrasound has introduced parents, family and friends to the newest addition. In a comfortable, warm environment, you'll meet the new life you created and deepen the bonding process with your baby. While you watch on a personalized screen, your guests will view Baby on a 60-inch monitor via the best scan available. Share your images with everyone you love - and then, when Baby is born, visit again for professional baby photography at a very affordable price. For the ultimate in convenience, your multi-dimensional ultrasound session can be scheduled online anytime at 257-2223

photography by Laurie Sachs
photography by Laurie Sachs

Twins are Double the Fun for Photography
Having twins can be an expensive proposition! Two car seats, double strollers, diapers and clothes for two - and let's not even talk about first cars and college! One thing that shouldn't be more expensive is your newborn photography. Customarily, twin sessions incur the same costs as singleton sessions.

While it shouldn't cost more money, it will take more time. The average newborn session is one to three hours long; with twins it can be expected to take two to four hours. Having a highly-experienced newborn photographer is even more important with twins as two babies are being handled and posed together with their safety being the top priority at your newborn photo session. Extra hands will be required when working with twins - expect that your photographer will have an assistant to help in posing your babies.

Pre-booking is a great idea for all newborn sessions but it's particularly important with twins! Your photographer will want to have coordinating accessories suitable for both babies - and this is much easier to achieve if you've booked your shoot well in advance.
Laurie Sachs Photography 305-5493

Spring's Healthy Reminders
It's still Flu Season

The weather is warming, but influenza hasn't gone anywhere yet. Ensure that your children are consistently washing their hands throughout the day and teach them not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth when out and about to prevent introducing bacteria and viruses into their bodies. If you or your child displays symptoms like fever, chill or body aches, stay home and call your doctor. Tamiflu is often helpful if started in the first 24 to 48 hours after symptom onset.

Get your Daily D Responsibly
Drink in the sunshine - and the Vitamin D that comes with it! SCV's spring sun can still be mighty bright. Plan outdoor playdates for the later afternoon when the sun isn't as intense and apply sunscreen for prolonged exposure.

Work with a Lactation Consultant
"Breast is best," but breastfeeding can be tricky for both new and experienced moms alike. The support of a lactation consultant is invaluable. At Valencia Pediatrics, Dr. Neela Sethi works with families as a passionate advocate for breastfeeding and its short- and long-term benefits. With over 10 years experience, her guidance has proven vital for many a mom who struggles with latching, supply, pumping and more.
For over 30 years, Valencia Pediatrics has provided quality, warm and personalized care for newborns to teenagers.

You Think You can't Do It But You Can!
In America, we grow up watching movies that dramatize natural birth as wild and unimaginably painful, with mothers screaming for "drugs" and yelling at their partners. No wonder many soon-to-be moms fear natural childbirth! If, like in other cultures, women were encouraged to trust in their bodies, they'd know that birth is not a medical condition that requires a litany of monitors, IVs and stress. In fact, birth can be - should be! - beautiful. More and more American moms begin Baby's life in a setting rich with love, comfort and connection. Even better, for uncomplicated pregnancies, birth at home or in a birth center has proven to be safer for Mom and Baby.
SCV Birth Center 254-3000

New Location Henry Mayo Lactation Center
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital has been a designated Baby-Friendly Hospital since 2011. With their comprehensive lactation program, the nursing staff and Lactation Specialists (IBCLCs) are committed to support you in a warm, nurturing environment. They offer prenatal and postnatal breastfeeding support classes as well as inpatient and outpatient individual consultations. The outpatient lactation center offers nursing bras, hospital-grade breast pump rentals, personal-use breast pumps and more.
Visit the Henry Mayo Outpatient Lactation Center at the new location: 23861 B-14 McBean Parkway in Valencia.

Breastfeeding Tips
• Learn about breastfeeding during your pregnancy by attending a breastfeeding class
• Talk to your doctor or nurse about breastfeeding during your prenatal care
• Hold your baby skin-to-skin immediately after birth for the first hour
• Breastfeed exclusively unless medically indicated (only breast milk)
• Practice 24-hour rooming-in with Mom and Baby for better bonding
• Breastfeed on demand; eight to 12 or more feedings every 24 hours
• Avoid pacifiers and bottles for the first four weeks
• Attend breastfeeding support groups after you leave the hospital

photography by Becca Rillo
photography by Becca Rillo

Birth Photography is Worth the Investment
The process of bringing a new life into this world is the most important, life-changing event you'll ever experience. It'll rock you to your core to hear your baby cry for the first time, to watch your partner become a parent and to finally meet this little being whom you've loved for months.. so why wouldn't you have those moments documented? You hire a professional photographer for the most important events of your life and birth is no different. A great birth photographer will not only capture beautiful images that you'll treasure for the rest of your life, but will free up your support team - your partner, Grandma, Auntie - to truly be present during the birth and to cater to your needs. Birth photography is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one you will never regret.
Becca Rillo Photography 310-6909

courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

Celebrity Influences on Post-baby Cosmetic Procedures
It is not uncommon for women to be inspired by incredible post-baby celebrity transformations that seem to happen so effortlessly. Yet, many women find that pregnancy affects their bodies in ways that even the best Instagram filter can't fix. For this reason, the group of procedures known commonly as a "Mommy Makeover" is becoming increasingly common. The Mommy Makeover is meant to address several key concerns that women have after having children.

Sagging Breasts After pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women find that their breasts are less firm and shapely than they were before Baby. While caring for their child is the most important consideration during its infancy, many women are left wondering if there is a way to return to their pre-pregnancy form later on. For women who have sagging breasts after breastfeeding, a breast lift may be the perfect choice. Others who want to regain perkiness or simply find that their breasts look deflated often choose breast augmentation.

Loose Skin After childbirth, loose skin often accumulates around the midsection. As the stomach area expands drastically during pregnancy, and then rapidly contracts after the baby is born, the midsection rarely maintains the firmness it once had. For this reason, mothers often turn to the tummy tuck procedure which can help women reclaim a flat midsection by removing excess skin and fatty tissue.

Most important is finding a trusted doctor who can listen to Mom's concerns and give a woman the natural results she seeks with as little recovery time as possible. Beverly Hills Physicians offers free consultations. 249-4040

You can "Get your Body Back" after Baby
A good bra can make a major difference to how a woman's breasts look after pregnancy and nursing, but unless Mom wants to live in Spanx for the remainder of her days, not much is going to change the dreaded Mommy Tummy Bulge without some help. The major and minor abdominal muscles that are responsible for giving women a visible waist experience major stretching during pregnancy. Few women are able, though genetics and exercise, to get these muscles back "in shape" without surgery or electronic stimulus. Even the most restrictive diet and exercise programs can't adequately address the deep muscular structure and muscle system in the lower abdominals, which is responsible for the "bulge" moms complain about heartily. The knife-free solution: electro-stimulus therapy. FDA approved and remarkably effective, these pain-free currents penetrate fat and muscle to force hundreds of contractions per session. The result is an intense full-body workout that emphasizes the zones traditional exercise usually can't address. The best part: Mom gets to relax comfortably - read a book, take a nap! - while ForeverSlim SCV's customizable program shapes your body. "Women report a drop in dress size after about eight sessions," says Owner Lorrie Anderschat. "And new moms see improvement in as little as two sessions, with remarkable 'wow' results - including inch loss, cellulite reduction, tummy-tightening, weight loss and skin toning - after about a month of regular treatments." Call for special pricing. 313-4878
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