An Early Investment in Your Child's Future
October, 2016 - Issue #144

"I believe that Legacy played an ENORMOUS ROLE in molding our three children. The culture at Legacy encourages kids to love the Lord, love their family and love and appreciate learning. The opportunities at Legacy allowed each of my children to be leaders. They know how to bring out the best in people because that practice is modeled at Legacy. And when it comes to academics, it's a great learning environment that values the development of the 'whole person.' It's challenging in a good way; my children learned how to overcome obstacles. They graduated from Legacy with a calm, SECURE SENSE OF SELF and that has carried them through in everything from job interviews to clutch moments on the football field. Legacy was the best money we ever spent; we would do it all over again."
Andrea White
Here's a funny-but-true scenario: A young family moves to Santa Clarita to take advantage of the city's celebrated public school system - and then enrolls all three of their children in private school. "We were deciding between two communities and we went with the SCV because of the public schools," laughs Andrea White. "But once we learned about Legacy, we realized, 'No, we can't do public. This is just too good of an opportunity for our kids,' and we've definitely reaped the benefits of that investment," says mom to Brady (Now on a full scholarship at Arizona State's Barret Honors College.), Julia (Thriving at Notre Dame University.) and Brevin (A junior at Chaminade with four division-one scholarship offers.). "After Legacy, all three went to public schools; we never had to worry about them losing their way academically, socially or spiritually. They never waffled in their beliefs or commitments because they had developed such a strong sense of self at Legacy," shares White.

Danielle Cooper agrees. Also a mother to three Legacy students, Cooper says, "When my child is away from me for eight hours a day, I want to know that they are receiving the same reinforcement on character that they get at home." While Cooper's youngest is still enrolled at Legacy, her older two daughters both gained admission to two of the nation's most competitive prep schools after graduating from the Academy: Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut and The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey.
"If I were to do it all again, I'd work backwards, thinking about where I'd like my kids to end up. At an information night for a school, I'd ask about opportunities for outside-campus competitions, about how many valedictorians and salutatorians the school has produced. I'd want to know about the quality of academics, athletics and enrichment - because that's what the prep schools and universities want to know. In our experience, Legacy gave our daughters the edge they needed to become attractive candidates to competitive schools. It was a smart investment."

"We hear this a lot," says Legacy Christian Academy Co-founder and Superintendent Tim Borruel. "As prep, boarding and university admission becomes even more competitive, and scholarship dollars continue to dwindle, parents are seeking opportunities to give their children the best chance at a successful future. That means investing early in their child's schooling to develop the skills, abilities and knowledge that will carry them through high school, college and beyond. Parents recognize that their child is more likely to get a scholarship or admission to an incredibly-competitive program if their child began practicing habits for success at a younger, easier-to-influence age. That's why we've experienced record-breaking enrollment; parents know that sending their child to Legacy for Kinder through middle school will position them for advanced placement in math, science, foreign language and more in high school, which directly correlates to increased admission rates and scholarships for college. Today's parents are very sophisticated; they understand that college performance can be affected by the culture and curriculum of their child's elementary school."

"At the same time," says Legacy Co-founder and Director of Educational Oversight Donna Borruel, "today's parents want to know that not only is their child going to be provided with the most outstanding educational experience, but that the environment is a joyful one that emphasizes character building. When I give customized tours, one of the most often commented-upon parts of the experience is just how happy Legacy students are to be here - and how kind and respectful they are to their peers, their teachers and themselves."

"It's a balancing act; Legacy offers accelerated curriculum and the most diversified quality enrichment programs while cultivating a Christian-character-building culture," explains Dr. Matt Northrop, the Academy's principal. "When we say that Legacy is an investment worth making, we're not just talking about test scores and college admissions. We're talking about investments in a child's heart and happiness, too."
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