Are you Ready for Back to School?
September, 2006 - Issue #23
Photography by Lisa Ahrens

Sammy, 6 1/2, Sister Sam pea coat and sailor pants Bailey Blu 291-1670
Sammy, 6 1/2, Sister Sam pea coat and sailor pants Bailey Blu 291-1670
Going back to school doesn't have to be stressful. Local organizations have what you need to make the process fun for both you and your children.

Put a Little Sunshine into After-school Care

Nine elementary school sites, as well as a variety of other SCV locations makes Sunshine Childcare & Learning Centers one of the most convenient options to local parents, but that's not the only reason families love Sunshine. The fun counselors, combined with a chance to hang out with friends, do crafts, play games and (gasp!) complete homework make for a positive experience, too. All school schedules are accommodated and pre-school is also offered.

If you are looking for a great alternative to public school, consider Legacy Private Academy. Their tradition of excellence, high-quality teachers and challenging curriculum have made them the must-attend academic institution in Santa Clarita.

For more information on Sunshine Childcare visit, or for Legacy Private Academy call 257-7377.

Inspire them Musically

Children ranging in age from infants to 10 years old will benefit from musical instruction and will have fun experiencing music first-hand at the Little School of Music. The unique curriculum, which goes far beyond just teaching children how to read music, introduces kids to a variety of instruments, including the piano, guitar, percussion and more. Children will learn to express themselves through movement and composition while developing a lifetime skill and appreciation of music.

The Little School of Music is celebrating their first birthday in a big way in September; the staff will host a party, including a drum circle, and will also offer free registration to new students. For more information call 222-2239.

Step Away from Video Games and Embrace Art

Our children are not immune to the pressures or pace of contemporary life. While being forced to think and act quickly (i.e. the skills required for video games) isn't in itself harmful, unless children also learn to think deeply and savor the richness of things that require concentrated effort, they will not be fully prepared to live a genuinely fulfilled life.

By experiencing traditional arts first hand with a class at KidsArt, they will develop calm concentration, quiet thought, self discipline and self acceptance. The act of realistic drawing and painting requires the artist to be immersed in the present moment and to see an object thoroughly in all of its dimensions. While these skills will translate nicely into other life tasks, they also help kids transition from the chaos and pressure of the outside world to a state of mind that cumulates in peaceful satisfaction.

Back-to-school classes are offered Monday through Saturday at KidsArt in Valencia; a free introductory class is available. Call 260-1774 for more information.

Study Smarter, not Harder

Club Z! has just launched their new "Learning Built to Last" program in time for the 2006-2007 school year. Using two diagnostics, the program allows tutors to customize what they teach and how they teach so that an entirely personalized syllabus can be created for each student. The study skills test identifies 11 different academic tools needed for success in school and shows which of those tools the student needs to use better. The learning style test explores the student's natural method of learning, which allows for ultra-customization for your child.

This one-of-a-kind program helps the student understand study skills in terms of their own interests and experiences. The combination of an explanatory book filled with diagrams and illustrations, plus a user-friendly workbook and academic planner complete with a time management system will have your child - regardless of their academic skill level - performing better in school. For more information call Club Z! at 775-8888.

Pre-school Cool

Chad, 8, Diesel distressed polo and backpack Enchanted Kids 250-3308
Chad, 8, Diesel distressed polo and backpack Enchanted Kids 250-3308
Finding a pre-school isn't a hard task, but finding a pre-school you feel comfortable entrusting the well-being of your child to can be nearly impossible. A long-established local pre-school, Creative Years is licensed and boasts professional, loving teachers who will most likely be adored by your 2 to 5 year old. They begin their regular program in September, offering 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. care, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. care, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. care and 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. care. For more information call 254-0718.

Improving Test Scores through Hypnosis

Did you know that studies have shown an improvement of test scores with the incorporation of hypnosis? The locally-based Magi Institute of Hypnosis combines hypnotherapy with NLP for great results. Kids of all ages can learn how to influence their behavior and performance by doing away with negative and limiting self talk. Positive and creative self talk can help your child pave their own path to success. Kids will also learn how to calm jittery nerves, improve their ability to concentrate during class time and greatly improve their study habits and efforts towards homework. Even classroom behavior is significantly improved with self-esteem and motivation focuses.

For more information call 286-2179.

When it Comes to Back-to-school Safety, Think Feet

Whether your child is running laps in elementary school or playing team sports in high school, a fitness accessory much more important than clothing can mean all the difference when it comes to preventing injury and improving performance.

Proper footwear and custom accommodative shoe inserts aren't just for professional athletes. Inserts create an interface between feet and footwear, making shoes, boots or skates a perfect extension of the body. When properly adjusted, there is no instability or movement, and at the same time, they help absorb shock while maintaining critical biomechanical structure and foot alignment. Your kids will be able to perform at their peak with more control, less fatigue and less stress on the body, making their sport more enjoyable and a whole lot safer.

Advanced foot imaging technologies, used to create custom accommodative shoe inserts, are available at Foot Solutions in Valencia. Call 702-0070 for more information.

Goddess Fitness

Spending quality time with our children isn't always easy. Combine fun fitness for both of you by attending a Goddess Fitness mommy-and-me belly dancing class or mommy-and-me baby yoga. Kids can also experience the fun and physical benefits of movement by being enrolled in Goddess Fitness's classical ballet class or their kids' creative movement program. For the older set, children 13 and above can sign up for the adult belly dancing course, as well. For more information call 251-2831.
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