At Easter, we're Reminded Why we Do what we Do
April, 2023 - Issue #219

At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Two thousand years ago, Christ was put to death on a cross and three days later He rose from the dead. This is the focal point of all human history, the Son of God submitting Himself to the wrath of the Father so that we can be forgiven of our sin and reconciled through faith to God.
It is this Jesus that we submit all things to at The Master's University.
Everything we do here, from academics to athletics to campus life, is centered on honoring Christ and equipping students with a deeper love for Him and His Word.
We teach all of our academic programs from a biblical worldview, believing that Christ is not one subject among many to be studied but that He is Lord over every discipline and every thought is to be taken captive to Him.
This is true in everything from engineering to English literature to the class we teach on marine biology. We teach Christ in all things - always.
College is a remarkably-formative time for young people. They are making decisions that factor significantly into the trajectory of their life. TMU encourages students to develop distinctively biblical lives during their university years and beyond. This takes place both inside and outside the classroom.
As a Christian liberal arts institution, we believe in the education of the whole student - the mind and the heart.
"Since our founding in 1927, our mission has been to equip students to live as faithful witnesses for Christ. As we prepare to celebrate our Lord's resurrection at EASTER, we're reminded of why we do what we do."
One way this preparation takes place is through formal and informal discipleship. Our faculty and staff unanimously affirm an extensive doctrinal statement and see their work at TMU as more than a job. This is a ministry - an opportunity to impact the next generation of faithful Christians by making time for deep conversations and life-on-life discipleship.
This training also takes place in larger settings. Our students attend chapel three times each week, where Bible teachers from around the country and the world unpack the timeless truths of Scripture.
Sermon topics this year have centered on helping students know what they believe and why they believe it. More than ever, Christians need convictions deeply rooted in God's Word and we want our graduates to go out with an unwavering commitment to living out the commands of Scripture.
We also urge our students to be deeply involved in their churches, sitting under the teaching of God's Word and using their spiritual gifts to serve Christ and fellow members. We're blessed to be surrounded by so many faithful, Bible-teaching churches in and around the Santa Clarita Valley.
In athletics, our 18 intercollegiate teams prepare and perform as an act of WORSHIP (Work, Overcoming, Responsibility, Selfless, Humility, Integrity, Passion). The acronym emphasizes that every aspect of athletics, whether at practice or in a game, is to be
done as an act of worship to Christ. In other words, our teams can be successful on the scoreboard and yet fail to meet what God has called them to.
Our School of Music, and the many instrumental and vocal ensembles therein, exists to glorify Christ through the passionate pursuit of musical excellence. This is put on display during events like our Come Christmas Sing! concert series each December, where performers and audience members alike sing songs of praise to our Lord. The same can be said for TMU Theatre Arts, the motto for which is, "Well-told stories in echo of God's creative nature."
An education at The Master's University is for Christian men and women who, though they aren't perfect, are interested in becoming more like Jesus, growing in their knowledge and love for Christ and Scripture and being prepared by rigorous academics for excellence in the careers, families and churches that God calls them to.
Since our founding in 1927, our mission has been to equip students to live as faithful witnesses for Christ. As we prepare to celebrate our Lord's resurrection at Easter, we're reminded of why we do what we do.
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