Congratulations to the Class of 2021
June, 2021 - Issue #200

They focused on the bright side. They found new ways to thrive. They stayed focused on their goals. The Class of 2021 will go down in history as one of the most brave, resilient and adaptive. The future is in good hands.

"After graduation, I am looking forward to attending Baylor University to continue my academics. In college, I want to study accounting to become a CPA. I am thrilled to explore the state of Texas and call that place home!
I am looking forward to becoming a part of a sorority and all of the MEMORIES THAT I WILL MAKE. Besides going to college, I am most excited to grow up and explore the world - because I know there is so much out there."

Lynsey Gittisarn, Valencia High School 2021 graduate

"Surviving the past year, and during academic virtual Zoom classes,
I have learned that I am RESILIENT IN FACING CHALLENGES and will not let obstacles keep me from reaching my goal of finishing my degree.
After graduation, I am looking forward to pursuing my career as a
compliance officer and moving to Washington State."

Eliana Renee Burns, Humboldt State University 2021 graduate

"Just before the pandemic shut everything down in California, I tore my ACL during a game. The pandemic provided me the opportunity to focus on my therapy and rehabilitation so I could be ready to play again once things opened back up. I didn't lose as much ground competitively as I would have if everything were open and if I had to be physically in school all day, five days a week!"

Cassidy Puleo, Chaminade College Preparatory High School 2021 graduate

Heather Edwards Accelerated Academics & is Graduating Early
Heather Edwards graduated from Saugus in 2020 with honors - and a drive-through graduation. During her junior and senior years, she took 21 units of college credits at COC and earned credit for two AP classes, too. That summer, she took nine more units at COC, followed by 18 in the fall and four during Winter session. This spring, she completed 14 more!
The result: Graduating in one year with a degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences, CSU, Social and Behavioral Sciences, with honors - and transferring to Arizona State University in the fall! She plans on majoring in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in biomedical sciences and with a minor in photography.
Congrats, Heather!
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