Legacy goes Full STEAM Ahead
Earns Legacy Tech Moniker
December, 2017 - Issue #159

It's getting very STEAM-y at Legacy Christian Academy, but that has nothing to do with the late-season heat spells the SCV has experienced as of late. But this "STEAM" is hot, too - because if you want to secure a career in this highly-competitive global 21st-century economy, chances are that you'll need a firm grip on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM).

A recent Georgetown study on the US workforce found that over 55 million career positions may go totally unfilled because of our nation's skill gaps, primarily in STEAM-related fields; the findings led to a national conversation on STEAM in schools.

"That's because STEAM education, when incorporated into daily practice and programming, creates learners who are collaborators, problem solvers and risk takers," says Legacy Co-founder and Superintendent Tim Borruel. "At Legacy, we encourage curiosity and teach hands-on methods of inquiry so that students can best explore their ideas. We provide countless resources so that children have the opportunity to reflect on their findings and even implement their solutions. These are the skills that CEOs the world over are looking for - and they're present in spades at Legacy."

Legacy administration, staff and students continue to lead the way in STEAM - which is why the school is often called, "Legacy Tech." "The nickname correlated to the remarkable increase in investment in not only state-of-the-art technology for every classroom, as well as our two new dedicated Science and Innovation Labs, but our investment in people and our culture, too. STEAM doesn't happen in a vacuum; every teacher, whether their specialty is English or Physics, has been trained on how to incorporate STEAM into their teaching so that we are best equipping our students with 21st-century skills. We joke that Legacy is, 'full STEAM ahead' - but it's true! Our faculty, programming, curriculum, classrooms, tech acquisitions... when it comes to STEAM, they're all light years ahead of what most other schools are able to offer now - and that's providing life-changing opportunity to our students."
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What is STEAM, Anyway?
"STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics," explains Legacy Head of School Matthew Millett. "At Legacy, STEAM is incorporated across curriculums; innovative thinking is not bound by subject. But the 'home' of STEAM at Legacy is definitely our Discovery Hall, the location of our two brand-new Science and Innovation Labs. We're cognizant of the importance STEAM plays in childhood development - and the future successes of our learners. That's why STEAM is such a big deal at Legacy!"

"Parents often want to know what STEAM 'looks like' in practice," says Donna Borruel, Legacy co-founder and director of Educational Oversight. "At Legacy, STEAM can be found in every corner and classroom. It's in our competitive and enrichment Robotics programs; in our Science Olympiad practices and regional competitions; in our annual campus-wide STEAM Fair and Family Science Night. STEAM education is in the way we teach math, using a world-renowned program that encourages improved mathematical reasoning and real-world applications. It's in every curriculum acquisition, every high-quality Lab equipment purchase. It's in our differentiated art program with a specialized teacher who knows that STEM developments can't come to full fruition without the creativity that art instruction infuses in the hearts and minds of children. And STEAM is in our weekly Chapel and in every Christ-like character trait taught at Legacy - because innovation, absent morals and ethics, can be problematic."

What Legacy Learners are Saying about STEAM
"Our school is so innovative! It's really cool. I want to be an astronomer; there's so much we don't know about the universe. The technology Legacy has helps me understand and learn more about the world around us."
Maddie Vielma, Legacy fifth grader

"I love history, which is one reason why I love science, too. You have to understand both to see the bigger picture. At Legacy, I learn a lot - especially in the new labs. They're set up so that we can communicate better with each other; that helps a lot with problem solving."
Faith Devens, Legacy sixth grader

"I really like doing experiments; we do a lot of experiments here! I love learning, especially when it's about science and technology. I want to be an archeologist when I grow up and I am glad I am learning a lot about how to study things that have already happened."
Tyler Gleeson, Legacy second grader
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