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August, 2012 - Issue #94
Five Qualities that make
Legacy Christian Academy so Special
Teaching Staff/Small Student-Teacher Ratios
The key to a quality program is a vibrant, creative, resourceful and perceptive staff. The teachers at Legacy are highly trained and carefully selected. They possess the experience and professional credentials to provide the best academic program for students. The small classroom size and excellent ratios - 1:13 in the classroom - allow the teacher to establish supportive relationships with each student.

Proven Curriculum
Legacy offers the Imagine It! curriculum - a proven and comprehensive Language Arts curriculum with a tradition of success. The Imagine It! curriculum stresses phonics, comprehension, grammar and writing. In addition, Legacy's focus is on providing a technically-advanced curriculum to our students.

Enrichment Classes
Legacy provides a well-rounded curriculum that includes many "extras" that are not offered in most schools today. Specialty teachers will introduce your child to the world of art, music, conversational Spanish, Chinese... and even physical education. And your youngster will certainly enjoy spending time in the state-of-the art computer lab.

Christian Character Building
Perhaps most unique to Legacy's curriculum is the "Christian Character" component, which is built into the very fabric of the school. Each month, the entire school focuses on a particular character trait and its definition. As a distinctly Christian school, Legacy's goal is to teach children the Gospel and biblical principles such as brotherly kindness, diligence, personal responsibility, respect for others, the value of compassion and caring, and the importance of reaching out to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Standardized Test Scores
Legacy has consistently scored in the 90th percentile on the nationally-normed Stanford Achievement Test (SAT-10). Graduates from Legacy continue to gain admission and excel in honors and AP classes at the high school level and many have been accepted to major colleges such as UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, Cal Berkley, Georgia Tech and Pepperdine.
As you can see, Legacy Christian Academy is committed to building a strong and well-rounded academic foundation in the lives of students. Legacy is devoted to developing youngsters to be critical thinkers, active listeners, articulate communicators and community servants. Legacy Christian Academy serves as a unique educational resource for SCV families. No matter where you live in this community, you aren't far from the beautiful 2.5-acre campus that represents the ultimate in quality education.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

What You may not Know about Transitional Kindergarten
There is something new happening in the state of California. Kindergarten has a new cut off date starting this year! A child must turn 5 years old before November 1 to be eligible for kindergarten in the school year of 2012-2013. The cut-off date is October 1 for the year 2013-2014 and September 1 for the school year of 2014-2015.
The school districts have a new program that is being implemented for these children called Transitional Kindergarten. This program will bridge a pathway from preschool to kindergarten. It is a program that will be more academic than preschool and more developmental than kindergarten. There will be a few designated schools in each school district that offer this program and the class size could be 30 children to one teacher.
Creative Years will offer a Transitional Kindergarten class with a ratio of no more than 20 students to one teacher. The teacher will be credentialed and experienced. The program will be curriculum based, working on math, science, history, language, writing, phonics, Character Counts, art, music and cooking. The program will be offered part time, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. with before- and after-school care, homework club and extra curricular activities available.
This class will create the necessary bridge from pre-k to kindergarten, allowing the children to be creative, challenged and to reinforce skills that have been taught. Transitional Kindergarten will also be available to those children that would like another year of preparation before entering the kindergarten program. Transitional Kindergarten will support children and give them the gift of time to help develop social, emotional and academic skills they will need to succeed in kindergarten.
Creative Years Preschool 254-0718

Three Myths about College-planning Professionals
1| College-planning pros can only help lower-income families.
Not true! We use proven, legal methods to reduce your family contribution. One of our clients that were told that they "made too much money" used our services and found that, after enacting our suggestions, they could send their child to a $40,000-a-year school for only $6,000. Their final financial aid package went from a presumption of $0 to over $100,000 over the course of their child's degree.
2| We don't need a college-planning expert because our child already knows what they want to do and where they want to go.
Having an idea of your college goals is a great start, but you owe it to your child (and your bank account) to ensure that their "top pick" is really a great match. We'll perform a career search, "best college fit" search and a personalized, private student interview and then create a list of recommendations so that you can see the "big picture." Don't risk finding out about expensive and emotional "deal breakers" after your child has already moved into the dorm!
3| You don't need a professional to help you apply for financial aid.
This is true - to a point. But remember: Costly mistakes made by parents, the government and schools happen every day. We complete the FAFSA application for you, along with other institutional financial aid forms, and we confirm the accuracy of your Student Aid Report (SAR).
College Planning Experts 295-9946

Unexpected Benefits of Math & Science Tutoring
Yes, grades will climb and impressive progress will be made regardless of whether your child needs to catch up to peers or move beyond them. But did you know that there are other remarkable benefits to the individualized and specialized one-on-one math and science tutoring offered at Math Support Services, a fully-accredited, William S. Hart School District-transferable program?
Math & Science Tutoring...
Helps your child develop study skills that will benefit them in every class at every level
Deepens ability to understand and engage with complex concepts
Plants the seed for self-directed, self-motivated learning
Capitalizes on success to build confidence in academics and beyond
Improves your child's attitude towards math, science and learning
Provides your child with more positive control over their education now and improves their chances for college in the future!
Math Support Services 255-1730

Four Things You didn't Know You could Do at Mountasia Family Fun Center
1. Raise money for your school or non-profit organization by hosting a fundraising party.
2. Win an iPod Touch by playing and winning Key Master.
3. Make a pig of yourself eating a Pig's Trough sundae at Farrell's, located inside Mountasia.
4. Score Bonus Play points with your purchases.
253-4FUN (4386)
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