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November, 2014 - Issue #121
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"College Prep" isn't just a Class
For Families with Teens, it Becomes a Way of Life!
It's no secret that a major part of a high school student's junior and senior years are spent preparing for college. (Which means that the same can be said of Mom's and Dad's time, too!). But trying to determine exactly what to do - and when to do it - can be daunting. Are you and your child on the right track? Here's just a handful of "to do's" for 11th and 12th grade.

Junior Year
• Ensure course selections are in line with the core classes needed for college admission.

• In the fall, take the PSAT, a practice test for the SAT college entrance exam.

• Take the ACT or SAT in the spring. This allows time to test again in the summer before or the fall of senior year, if needed.

• Arrange campus visits, review priorities, attend college fairs and find time to research options.

Senior Year
• Register to take the ACT or SAT in early fall, if needed.

• Arrange more campus visits.

• Start the application process. Build a spreadsheet to help track deadlines and actions for each school.

• Keep your grades up. College admission is granted on a tentative basis and a school may rescind admission if grades fall or if the required high school courses are not completed.

• Apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is widely used to determine a student's eligibility for certain scholarships and grants. Use to search for scholarships.

• Remember to send any required deposits or acceptance fees to secure admission.

• Write thank you notes to all teachers and counselors who helped with guidance and letters of recommendation.

This process can be overwhelming! Get a handle on it by planning now. If your child is in high school (Yes, even if they're a freshman!), your first step should be to attend a free college planning workshop.

You can RSVP online at You'll walk away with tricks of the trade - and a free planning calendar, too. Call or log on today to reserve your spot for one of the two upcoming workshops, held on October 21 and November 18. 295-9946

Improve your Child's Reading
and Critical Thinking with Hanuri

At Hanuri Thinking Tree, your child will experience reading and learning like they never have before. Hanuri Thinking Tree is committed to ensuring that your child looks forward to reading and learning. The professional, credentialed, licensed teachers will build good reading habits and encourage your child to persevere, have integrity in their work, be courteous to others and broaden their perspective as a student.

Working in conjunction with your child's school teacher, the Hanuri Thinking Tree pros will inspire your child in creatively-designed classrooms, high-tech computer labs and a warm library filled with award-winning books.

With over 24 years experience promoting reading and a proven Five-activity Processing Reading Program that triggers every main location of the brain through reading, listening, speaking and writing, Hanuri Thinking Tree can help your child become proficient across every subject area.

Gain assistance with daily homework and projects while taking advantage of convenient packages and optional transportation from school. Sign up for one-week free trial; take advantage of 10 to 25-percent discounts; and get your registration fee waived during their grand opening special. Call for details.

Hanuri Thinking Tree Reading & Learning 844-READ-SCV (732-3728)

Now is the Time to Tour
Early Enrollment Opportunities & More at Local Schools
For some SCV families, the "best fit" school for their children is the one that's right down the street. But as private and charter schools continue to impress parents valley wide, more families are touring alternatives to ensure that their children are thriving academically and socially.

What's the best option for your crew? That depends on a lot of factors, including your finances, transportation resources, religious views and family culture.

Before you dive in, you should know what primary categories are readily available in the SCV.

Public Schools
This is what most of us think of when the word "school" pops into our heads. Funded by your tax dollars and usually restricted by residency, your neighborhood school may be the best choice for your kiddos. It's definitely a win as far as finances and transportation go, unless you rack up unforeseen costs via tutoring and athletic programs.

Charter Schools
Charter schools are also publicly funded, so they are free to attend. The difference is that a charter school can accept students from across the home district - and often beyond it. In Santa Clarita, popular charter schools are known for their oft-desirable cultures. For example, SCVi regularly receives parental applause for the school's project-based learning style. Tour these early and make sure to learn about the lottery system. Some grade levels - or all - may require you to enter a lottery for admission due to the program's popularity.

Private Schools
Often considered the pinnacle of academic and moral rigor, private school attendance means that you'll write a check every month, but it also means that you may save money in the long run. Programs like those at Legacy Christian Academy include athletics, arts, music, language and enrichment instruction with tuition, or at a reduced cost.

California state law protects your right as a parent to homeschool your child. You can file a private school affidavit through the state or you can partner with a local or state-run charter school for a hybrid program. One Inside SCV Magazine publisher's kids attend SCVi's home learner program, which provides weekly enrichment class opportunities plus the ability to spend your child's curriculum funds with approved vendors like tutors, dance/music instructors, textbook companies, museums and more. And Legacy Christian Academy offers their popular Beacon program for homeschoolers on Fridays, giving parents a break while providing their kids with a day's worth of academics, socialization, Chapel and fun.

Pencil it In!
Learn more about Legacy
Parents of little learners should consider attending Legacy Christian Academy's Kindergarten Info Night on October 23 at 7pm. (Children who turn 5 on or before December 2, 2015 are eligible to enroll in kindergarten for the 2015-16 school year.). Moms and dads of tweens should make a beeline to the campus's Middle School Info Night on October 29 at 7pm.

During the casual chat, you'll learn about Legacy's enviable national test scores, averaging in the 91st percentile. Grow familiar with the program, enrollment process and summary of the curriculum while meeting key members of the administration and staff. You'll have a chance to sign up for a personalized tour of the school and participate in Early Bird Enrollment for the 2015-16 school year. The Early Bird enrollment incentive is especially attractive, as interest always runs extremely high and spots in the program are coveted.

What you should know: These info-evenings are "parents only" - you'll have to leave the kiddos at home. Can't make it? Tours are available year-round.

Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

See what's Special at SCVi
Seeing SCVi Charter School learning spaces for yourself, as well as meeting their learners and school director (principal), are the best ways for parents to gain a better understanding of the school. Take a tour and decide if SCVi is a fit for your family!

Upcoming tours will take place on Thursdays at 9am. Call to reserve your spot. SCVi Charter School 705-4820

October 23 Lower School
October 30 Upper School
November 6 Lower School
November 13 Whole School
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