SCV Education Focus
A Helping Hand
December, 2014 - Issue #122
Sometimes even the brightest kids need a little help (And, sometimes, the brightest parents need help, too! Did homework get harder since we were kids?).

Reading Help with Hanuri Thinking Tree Reading & Learning

If reading and writing help is what you need for your children, there are now local professionals who can give your kids the guidance they need. The experienced and credentialed/licensed instructors at Hanuri Thinking Tree Reading & Learning provide daily assistance with homework and projects, talking with your child's teacher as well as teaching and tutoring your child to become proficient in all subject areas.

The keystone to this positive experience is Hanuri's five-step reading system that encompasses reading, speaking, listening, writing and thinking. Your child will participate in small-group debates, discussion and guided instruction to improve their comprehension and essay-writing skills. This enriching, supportive tutoring experience has flexible schedules and classes. Plus, transportation is available to the facility in Valencia from most Saugus and middle schools.

Hanuri USA Inc. 844-READ-SCV (732-3728)

Individualized Instruction at Legacy Christian Academy

Big ideas are like children - they need to be properly fed and nurtured if they are to grow healthy and mature. At Legacy, the dedicated teachers and administrators know that even the littlest people can have big ideas. That's why Legacy's small-group instructional model is so special. Based on "center rotations," with groups of eight students learning either with their teacher or teaching assistant, or at their desks for independent work, center rotations allow for increased opportunities for more-individualized teaching time. Legacy children are encouraged and provided the resources to think deeply about the world around them and this small-group instruction model ensures that those "big ideas" are cultivated and cared for, just like the little students who came up with them in the first place.

Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

RSVP Now to College Planning Experts' Free College Planning Workshop

Overwhelmed by college planning? You aren't alone! If your child is in ninth grade or higher, you should seriously consider attending a College Planning Experts' workshop. The next one is on Tuesday, December 16 in Valencia. Attendees will receive a free super-helpful planning calendar, too! 295-9946
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