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January, 2017 - Issue #147
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Accelerated Academics & Christian Character Building
Sure, you know that the WASC-accredited Legacy Christian Academy is where accelerated academics and Christian character building create an environment for success in the 21st century, but there are some things you might not know about the school that's affectionately known as Legacy Tech.

• In 2015, Legacy was named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, one of only 50 private schools in the nation and the only private school in Los Angeles county to earn the honor.

• This season, Legacy opened the doors to their brand-new Innovation Lab, which is homebase for computer, web and graphic design classes for the kinder-to-eighth-grade campus. Every child at Legacy learns in the high-tech space, which is reminiscent of an Apple store thanks to its sleek design, glass-like work surfaces that can be raised up and down with the touch of a button, 28 powerful computers with flat-panel LCD monitors, an 85-inch giant HD touchscreen, four 4K flatscreen TVs that display student work, a document camera, write-on wall panels and so much more. The space was created with learning and collaboration in mind and is where Legacy's celebrated Robotics team practices for upcoming tournaments.

• Legacy's Enrichment classes are taught by committed experts in their field and range from Spanish language instruction for every grade to theatre performances, music, Bible and much more.

• Legacy's commitment to Christian character building is well known and goes beyond the conceptual; students engage in service projects and are publicly thanked for their good works with LCA's regular Character Caught awards. At Legacy, children learn how to be "peace makers" and are encouraged to practice their new skills at home with their parents and siblings. The entire campus participates in the academic and spiritual development of Legacy students on the other side of the planet; Legacy Uganda children are sponsored by their Legacy USA peers and exchange letters, gifts and prayers.

• Legacy is deeply invested in the physical and spiritual health of those who serve their beloved families. This year, Legacy was named a "Best Christian Workplace" and the administration ensures that faculty and staff are rewarded for their over-and-above efforts in and out of their classrooms. Legacy provides staff with on-campus exercise classes and free catered organic lunches twice a week.
Legacy is now enrolling for the 2017-18 school year. Personalized tours are available.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

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The Largest School in the LA Archdiocese has Lower Tuition & Higher-ranking Teams
Bishop Alemany is the largest school in the Los Angeles Archdiocese, but tuition is $5,000 less than any other nearby Catholic high schools. With rigorous academics, stellar athletics and a diverse student body, the long-established campus community has a great deal to be proud about, including:
Winning Academic Decathlon Team: BA's Academic Decathlon program is the most successful private-high-school program in the state - and has been for 20 years. It makes sense; over 75 percent of Bishop Alemany teachers have a masters or post-graduate degree.
Emphasis on the Arts: Bishop Alemany is building a new dance studio and is the only high school in Southern California with its own glass-enclosed art gallery.
STEM Success: BA's AP Chemistry pass rate averages to 75 percent and 60 percent of the students who enrolled in AP Physics C earned a "five" on their AP test last year - one of the state's highest averages. The school has both four-year engineering and biomedical programs. Currently, the school is building a new $500,000 engineering machine shop/high-tech student study center.
Celebrated Athletics: Bishop Alemany has the state-champion Men's and Women's basketball programs; the football team plays in the PAC 5 Division, one of the top-three divisions for football in the nation; and the school's Division 1-level sports programs are supported by exceptionally-maintained facilities, including a pool, gym and dedicated football, baseball, soccer and softball fields.
Call to arrange a tour of their beautiful, sprawling campus. Bishop Alemany 818-837-5222

Teaching Minds & Training Hearts for God
Santa Clarita Christian School offers a private education with a Christian worldview. For over 30 years, the Santa Clarita
campus has been home to faculty, staff and students who are prepared to make a difference in the world for God.
Tenets include:
Teaching Biblical truths: training the heart to obey
Teaching academic excellence: training the heart to understand wisdom
Teaching history and civic responsibility: training the heart to love country
Teaching science and innovation: training the heart to dream
Teaching health and fitness: training the heart in sportsmanship and comradery
Personalized campus tours are available. Santa Clarita Christian School 252-7371

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SCVi Offers Creative Resolutions for Learners & Families
January is a time many make resolutions for the new year. They're always intended to promote personal betterment, but for many of us, the typical New Year's resolutions have become cliches. At SCVi, they like to look at things with an open mind and a fresh set of eyes whenever they can. With that in mind, here are some ideas for resolutions that they share with SCVi learners and families. We at Inside SCV liked them so much, we're sharing them with you, too!
FAIL. We want you to fail in one huge way this year. Failing passively because you are doing nothing doesn't count. You've heard the phrase, "failing means you're trying." Well, it's true. We learn more from our mistakes anyway. The bigger the mistake, the more we learn.
TAKE A RISK. A big one. Something that makes your heart race and your palms sweat and maybe leaves you second guessing yourself just a bit. But try it. You aren't going to soar if you never take a leap.
REFLECT. Not just on your mistakes. Take a look back at what worked, too. Think about why it worked.
ASK QUESTIONS. But don't wait for someone else to hand you the answers; go in search of answers to your questions. It will be so much more meaningful when you discover the "how" and "why" of things on your own.
GET MESSY. Discovery doesn't always come in neat little rote answers. Sometimes you have to take things apart and look at things from all angles.
HELP SOMEONE EVERY DAY. If it's holding a door for the person behind you, or staying late after school to tutor someone who needs extra help in math, either way, helping others is a good way to always remember that life is about more than just yourself.
SCVi Charter School 705-4820
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