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May, 2017 - Issue #151
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STEM Education Essential for
Fastest-Growing Occupations

It's understood that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is essential for the cultivation of critical thinking and innovation skills in today's students - but STEM is also a necessity when it comes to tomorrow's careers. A recent employment projection completed by the US Department of Labor showed that, out of the 20 fastest growing occupations, a whopping 15 necessitated substantial preparation in science and mathematics.

The takeaway? STEM literacy is becoming increasingly important to businesses and the global economy - and our educational system is lacking, with the United States regularly ranking markedly below other nations in student STEM performance. "These indicators showing that STEM education is becoming more and more important by the day are consistent across the board," says Dr. Matthew Northrop, principal of Legacy Christian Academy. "That's why Legacy has invested deeply in STEM. Our new Innovation Lab, cutting-edge STEM curriculum, dedicated Science Lab, robotics programs, 3D printer, specialized science instruction and more give Legacy students the opportunity to critically, actively and regularly engage with STEM in a very meaningful way." "We're already seeing the benefit of our innovative STEM programming and instruction," says Tim Borruel, Legacy's co-founder and superintendent. "Our alumni do exceedingly well in their Honors and AP math and science classes and have earned coveted college scholarships in STEM. This is an investment that is paying off and will continue to pay off for Legacy families, as their children develop the critical, innovative and practical skills so vital for success in our ever-changing world."
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

Learners that are "Free to Think & Inspired to Lead"
SCVi's vision is to use project-based and social-emotional learning concepts to inspire and motivate lifelong learners with the skills they need to lead in the 21st century. They incorporate technology into every component of their curriculum and they value and encourage development of leadership skills by inspiring confidence and character in each unique learner. They know that for learners to succeed, they must feel at home in the world. This requires a firm grounding in the arts, humanities and sciences - and a strong foundation in social and emotional development. At SCVi, they believe there is an implicit, as well as an explicit, curriculum to teach - and their goal is nothing short of shaping learners who change the world. iLEAD Schools are based on a new paradigm: project-based deeper learning. At SCVi, they create open, innovative Transitional Kindergarten through 12th learning environments that promote a deeper understanding of curriculum and celebrate independent critical thinking, cooperation and the development of crucial 21st century skills. SCVi is a tuition-free public school.

The Real Cost of Skipping Tutoring & Make Up Grade Opportunities
Although some might assume that specialized math and science tutoring is unaffordable or a luxury, not being tutored during junior high and high school can come at a greater cost to your child's future. There are a variety of tutoring options available that can make even the best tutoring affordable.
Grades and standardized test scores are the primary determinants for scholarships and college admissions. Not working with a tutor early on can lead to a poor final grade, and one failing grade in a math or science course could seriously affect your child's college trajectory. It can be the difference between being accepted into a junior college or a four-year university.
A single grade can mean that instead of graduating with a college degree in four years, your child will graduate in six. This delay will certainly cost you - in tuition, books, and housing - but could ultimately cost them in future earning potential in today's competitive job market.
Math Support Services 255-1730
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