SCV Education News
July, 2015 - Issue #129

The Right Support Today Helps Early Adolescents Lead Tomorrow
This world is a challenging place for everyone; each individual needs special care and support to fulfill their potential. The needs of early adolescents are especially distinctive. During this time marked by so much change, tweens and teens need a safe place to grow and thrive. When it comes to middle school education, an academically-challenging curriculum fused with a nurturing environment can serve as a springboard for a lifetime of school, career and life success.

Legacy Christian Academy's program supplies support and guidance so that each student discovers new interests, develops intellectual integrity, grasps increasingly-challenging academic concepts, builds healthy relationships, grows in confidence and strengthens independent thinking skills. Qualities like these are the groundwork for success in high school, college and beyond.

Other key components parents should consider seeking out for their middle school children include:

• College-preparatory and accelerated courses in math, foreign language and science; success in these subjects correlates directly with success in the 21st-century economy

• Global education that instills a deeper understanding and appreciation for cultures, people and challenges around the globe

• Service-learning projects that teach students about key global issues and empower them to actively participate in solutions

• Solid reasoning, communication and technological skills with the experience to apply them to complex moral and pragmatic issues in our increasingly-interconnected world

Customized campus tours are available for incoming grades Kindergarten through eighth grade. Legacy Christian Academy has officially been selected by the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) as one of its nominees for the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Schools Program. This nomination honors Legacy Christian Academy as an "exemplary,
high-performing school." 257-7377

Will a Charter School get my Kid into College?
It's a reasonable question. Many parents may feel like SCVi is a perfect match for their child's learning style, but some are unsure if they can trust that an alternative education style will help their kids when it comes to college admissions. Thanks to a well-rounded education and a top college counselor, the answer is a resounding "yes." The proof is in the numbers. SCVi's 2014 senior class graduation rate is 100 percent. Of those 28 learners, all who applied to a four-year college or university were accepted. 96 percent have moved on to study at some form of higher education, four-year universities, community colleges or trade school. What of the class of 2015? Here are just a few of the colleges these bright young men and women are off to in the next year: UC Davis, UC Berkely, Humbolt State, Cal State Fullerton, Willamette University, Hollins University, University of Montana, Washington College, UC Santa Cruz, Skidmore College, Gettysburg College, UC San Diego and more! 800-925-1502
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