SCV Education News
September, 2016 - Issue #143
How to Start your Child's Legacy
You love your child and want them to be happy, healthy and successful at whatever they choose to do. Since 1995, thousands of SCV families have felt the same way - and have chosen Legacy Christian Academy as their partner in their child's current and future states of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Legacy Christian Academy offers an accelerated college-preparatory education to their Kindergarten through eighth-grade students, numbering a record-setting enrollment for the 2015-16 school year. Legacy's administration's and staff's primary goal is clearly defined: to best prepare today's children to succeed in the always-changing world of the 21st century. "We recognize that instilling a deep intellectual curiosity; excellent study habits; strong Christian character; remarkable critical-thinking abilities; a passion for art and music; foreign language fluency; teamwork through competitive sports; public speaking competence and essential technological skills proves to be most beneficial when a child is young," says Legacy Superintendent Tim Borruel.

It's a well-timed investment. "Parents are often forced to choose when and how to budget for their child's education. Legacy families consistently report that they invest in building a successful skillset for their child through junior high, then utilize the public high school system because of its ability to offer AP and Honors courses. During this time, most families direct what they would have spent on tuition to saving for college," explains Borruel.

When potential Legacy parents visit the campus, they note several key differences from other schools. First is the sense of warmth and welcome. "We want every Legacy child to feel truly at home on our campus. Our students are taught early on how to respect each other, their teachers and - importantly - themselves. Our teachers are so deeply engaged with our students. They don't underestimate their importance in the lives of their pupils; they are loving, encouraging, always dedicated to the child's success and truly give their heart to their class! Visitors often comment about the sheer numbers of smiles they see at Legacy," says co-founder Donna Borruel.

You'll also quickly pick up on the academy's highly-relevant curriculum. "Legacy prides itself on providing an educational experience that puts children on a trajectory for well-rounded success. Our relevant curriculum is very hands on and engaging," shares Principal Dr. Matthew Northrop.
Legacy Christian Academy offers private tours year round; info nights for Kindergarten and junior high will be held in October. Call for details. 257-7377
courtesy of Shutterstock
courtesy of Shutterstock

SCVi Brings Project-Based Learning to New Levels
It's an exciting time at SCVi Charter School. But then, it's always an exciting time at SCVi! Case in point: In June, a science experiment designed by three 11th-grade SCVi learners was selected to be sent to the International Space Station next February. The experiment will test the effect of oxidation in microgravity and will provide a high-profile demonstration of not only the excellence of SCVi's students, but also the benefits of the project-based approach to learning that SCVi provides TK to 12th-grade students every day. At SCVi Charter School, learners at all levels are provided personalized education that is tailored to meet their individual needs - now and in the future.
SCVi, the founding campus of iLEAD Schools, is a tuition-free public charter school that brings to each learner a personalized learning plan. From the earliest years of education, SCVi creates a personal plan for each student to help him or her prepare to succeed and lead in a rapidly-changing world. SCVi students experience hands-on, project-based learning with real-life applications. Whether it's creating an experiment that will fly in space, or producing a professional-quality theatrical production, SCVi's students learn by doing. The nationally-recognized, award-winning staff at SCVi and iLEAD include a who's who of the most innovative minds in education today.
SCVi is a national leader in project-based deeper learning and authentic learning experiences that have real-world applications. In addition to daily site-based and home-study learning programs, SCVi's unique learning options include Innovation Studios, a hybrid learning program that puts middle school-aged and high school-aged learners in the driver's seat of their education. 800-925-1502
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