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June, 2017 - Issue #153
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Legacy Christian Academy's "Summer School"
Plan Includes Renovated Science Lab

Legacy Christian Academy is already known as a STEM powerhouse; the campus earned the nickname "Legacy Tech" thanks to the Academy's emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Thanks to a variety of STEM programming, advanced curriculum, acquisitions like a 3D printer and dedicated space like the new Innovation Lab, Legacy learners thrive in competitive robotics competitions, Science Olympiads and more.

Never one to rest on their laurels, the Legacy administration has directed their attentions to a new STEM project; Legacy staff will spend the summer renovating the campus's Science Lab. "For a K-through-eight school, it was already rare and impressive that Legacy had a dedicated, well-appointed Science Lab used regularly for differentiated instruction in all grades," says Dr. Matthew Northrop, Legacy's principal. "With construction scheduled to be completed before classes resume, the new Science Lab will be one of the best in the region. We have designed a space where every Legacy child can become an inspired, passionate, knowledgeable scientist."

"Thanks to our generous, committed community of parents and supporters, we are able to invest in state-of-the-art technology and life-science acquisitions that will empower Legacy learners to meaningfully interact with the subject matter of our advanced STEM curriculum," explains Tim Borruel, the Academy's superintendent and co-founder. "The new Science Lab will be a place where students can experience the awe of God's creation via hands-on learning and the best-available technology. It's going to be where learning, life and tech intersect in a way that enables our students to develop the habits of scientists, leaders, innovators and problem solvers."
Tours of the campus are available year round.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

SCVi Charter School Helps Learners Find the Right College Fit
Members of the SCVi Charter School graduating class of 2017 have been accepted into a who's who of excellent universities across the nation.

"We're so proud of our graduates' accomplishments," said Sara Brown, community outreach coordinator for SCVi, a tuition-free public charter school in Castaic that is also the founding campus of iLEAD Schools. "The college acceptances have been rolling in and some of our graduates have big decisions to make as they contemplate where to pursue their higher education."

Brown added that the SCVi graduates are well prepared to lead and succeed at the next level. "The SCVi model of project-based learning helps our students become thinkers and innovators, just the kind of applicants that universities are looking for."

Kris Nilsen, SCVi's college counselor, said the school takes pride in not only preparing the next generation of leaders, but also helping them find the right college fit. "Just as different learners have different strengths, so too do different universities, and we help our learners find the colleges that match their own unique strengths."

The following is a partial list of universities to which SCVi class of 2017 graduates have been accepted: Azusa Pacific, Biola University, Westmont, University of Oregon, University of Arizona, Sarah Lawrence University, University of Redlands, University of the Pacific, Florida Polytechnic University, Hofstra University, DePaul University, California Institute of the Arts, Utah State University and multiple campuses in the California State University and University of California systems.

Make a Move for Better Math Grades this Summer
Would your child - and their GPA - benefit from summer math and/or science courses taught by real teachers in a real class setting? This is the best opportunity to replace a grade to improve their GPA or, even better, to get ahead, raising their competitiveness for college admissions.

At Math Support Services, transferable credit is available this summer via five-week sessions; your child can complete a full semester course for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 2/Trig, Pre-calculus and Calculus fast! One-year courses are also available for transferable credit for Algebra 1, Chemistry, Geometry, Physics, Biology and, for junior-high students, Accelerated Math 7A/7B, Math 8A/8B and math electives. All courses are aligned with Common Core and WSHSD.

Schedule your child's summer sessions with confidence; Math Support Services has served over 6,000 students since 1997 and has a 98-percent success rate.
Prices, schedules and session dates are now available at 255-1730
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