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February, 2020 - Issue #185
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Did You Know?
SCVi Charter School has No District Boundaries

SCVi, a tuition-free public charter school, uses a project-based learning model that allows students to dig deeper into a subject area and learn the skills needed to thrive in today's world. SCVi's focus on whole-child learning has been life changing for families, where children discover that they love learning and push themselves to grow as students and citizens.

SCVi is open to anyone living in California who wants a rigorous course of study for their child that will develop them both academically and social emotionally - all at no cost.

While most of SCVi's students do reside in Santa Clarita, this is why when you tour the campus you'll meet students who travel as far as Sherman Oaks, Fillmore, Sylmar, Burbank and the Antelope Valley to attend.
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Legacy Christian Academy
Legacy Christian Academy
How a Legacy Education was the Start of my Success

by Garrett Adame

I have a special Legacy Christian Academy "claim to fame" - my graduating class was the first to go from kindergarten through eighth grade. The class of 2010 always had strong, inspirational speakers visit Legacy to share their path of finding God or share their experience of success - and I am grateful to have been asked to do the same as a Distinguished Alumni Speaker. Legacy had such a positive impact on my childhood and helped me get to where I am today.

At Legacy, I was set up for success at a young age. I developed time-management skills; I learned early how to prioritize my workload, how to utilize planners and avoid procrastination. Legacy offered small classroom sizes - I never felt rushed with areas of struggle; my teachers had the time to give me all the support I needed. The Legacy culture encouraged close, positive relationships with my teachers; my high-school experience was made more enjoyable because it was easy for me to connect with my educators. The rigor of Legacy academics put me ahead of the curve compared to my high-school peers; I tested out of math classes and got a head start on college math courses, which helped me graduate with a college degree in only three years.

I took Legacy's lessons and culture with me to college. During my time at Ohio State, I earned a Resident Advisor (RA) role and led a floor of 160 students. I had to plan fun events, enforce rules of the building and foster an inclusive community. Legacy taught me all about diversity and inclusion; how to connect with people of different backgrounds; and how to bring people together as a leader - all skills that made me an effective RA.

After I completed my degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting at Ohio State, I went on to start as an associate in financial auditing at PricewaterhouseCoopers, commonly referred to as PwC.

In my current role as an auditor, all of my work is performed on a computer. At Legacy, I learned how to use computers at the same time I learned how to write. We focused on Microsoft applications like PowerPoint, Word and Excel - easily the most used tool in my job. I was definitely ahead of the curve!

I wouldn't be at PwC today if it weren't for the networking skills Legacy taught me. The screening and interviewing process at PwC is filled with constant dinners, socials and case presentations. Thankfully, Legacy taught me proper etiquette and always encouraged strong presentation skills. Without the tools and skills sets Legacy instilled in me, I would not have been able to earn a full year early promotion to senior associate at PwC. I loved attending Legacy Christian Academy and am so grateful for all the benefits a Legacy education has given me.
Garrett Adame is a 2010 graduate of Legacy Christian Academy and a recent featured speaker at the Valencia campus's Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series.
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Preschool is an Opportunity for the Healthy Development
of a Whole Integrated Humanbeing

Parents in the know seek out preschools that offer a nurturing atmosphere where children grow and flourish in a warm, receptive environment.

At CBS Preschool, they recognize that parents are a child's primary teacher from the beginning of their lives and strive to maintain the highest level of cooperation and communication with parents. By working together as a team, they identify the multifaceted nature of the child: the social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspects.

CBS education pros view these as being interdependent upon one another for the healthy development of a whole integrated human being.

CBS's curriculum and learning environment includes materials and activities designed to provide your child with a successful learning experience. The staff recognizes that each child needs to build a healthy self-concept; when children feel good about themselves, they can grow and develop with confidence
Call today to schedule a tour. 254-2411

February is National Children's Dental Health Month
Teach Kids to "Brush & Clean in Between"
to Build a Healthy Smile

The American Dental Association again will promote a national heath observance, bringing together thousands of dedicated professionals, healthcare providers and educators to promote the benefits of good oral heath to children and the people who care for them.

"We love the 2020 campaign slogan, 'Brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile,'" says Dr. Gilbert Snow. "It's easy for kids to remember and is a fun phrase to practice with your family." It's also easy to do with the right straightening technology, no matter your age. "This is one of the reasons why we're so proud to be a Diamond Invisalign provider," says Dr. Daniel Snow. "With removable aligners, kids, teens and adults are better able to brush and floss effectively."
Snow Orthodontics 799-0775
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