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April, 2020 - Issue #187
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Preschool is a Time to Play & Learn

by Joe Beran
One of the questions I most often find myself asking as the parent of a toddler is, "Am I doing this right?" There's no quick-and-easy manual for parenting. While being able to whip out my phone and google something is sometimes a lifesaver - like how to get playdough out of dog fur - other times it shows me that I need to learn and grow to be a better parent.
One of the most overlooked needs for many kids is the time for unstructured free play with peers. At Bethlehem Preschool, in addition to academics, we believe that play and social time isn't just a fun thing for a child to do, we believe that it is essential to their emotional and social intelligence.
Not only do we believe in the importance of play, we believe each child is beautifully made in the image of God and brings a beautifully-unique personality to the table. If you would like your child between the ages of 2 to 5 to have some time to play and learn, or you're interested in any other preschool or daycare needs, schedule a tour.
Joe Beran is pastor of Bethlehem SCV. 251-6027

Q&A with Legacy Alumni & Division I Football Player Brady White

Chances are, you've already heard Brady White's name. The star quarterback for the Memphis Tigers, he's a regular feature on TV sets, in college-sports write ups and topic among local SCV kids who hope to follow in his footsteps.
The Class of 2015 Hart High grad began his education at Legacy Christian Academy, where he attended from Kindergarten through middle school. Here, he shares how a Legacy start was a vital investment in his future.

Q: You graduated from Legacy in 2013. Do you visit often?
When I was recently back home for break, I went to Legacy twice to visit - I always enjoy saying hello to familiar faces and drop in as much as I can! One of my classmates is now a teacher at Legacy, so it really does feel like things have come full circle.

Q: What role has your Legacy experience played in where you are now?
Legacy played a really big role in my youth and laid the building blocks for who I am today. Obviously, my education there was the central focus - it put me ahead of the game. Legacy absolutely set me up for academic success in high school, college and now my doctoral program. I've already earned one master's degree and I'm working on my doctoral program now. It's pretty unheard of in the world of football, but my goal is to be the highest-educated player in the NFL.

Q: How did Legacy shape you spiritually?
Legacy is where I really started my walk with Jesus; my relationship developed at a deeper level, thanks to Legacy chapels and Bible classes.

Q: What makes Legacy different?
At Legacy, you really do become family. Everyone there really cares - not all schools are like that. You can tell instantly that the teachers, staff and administrators truly care about the development of the lives of students and their families. My teachers and I are still really close. I love to see them and catch up. They are some of my biggest cheerleaders and it feels really special that we're still so connected.
Legacy Christian Academy offers accelerated academics within a Christian character-building culture that exalts Christ. Tours are available. 257-7377
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