SCV Education News
July, 2020 - Issue #190

SCVi's iLEAD Online Offers Free Summer Options
SCVi Charter School transitioned to distance learning smoothly, over the course of a weekend, thanks to the support of it's already existing iLEAD Online program. But did you know that iLEAD Online is a free summer option for all 2nd - 12th grade students in the Santa Clarita Valley?

iLEAD Online is pleased to announce Track C is now accepting students for it's summer session beginning July 1. With over 300 courses to choose from, children can accelerate their learning and earn course credits from iLEAD Online's WASC accredited catalog in just 6 weeks - and official transcripts will be provided.

With summer activities in the valley limited due to the current pandemic, SCVi's iLEAD Online program is also offering engaging project-based experiences for elementary and middle school students. Project-based experiences, also free to enroll, are designed to keep your 2nd - 8th grader sharp and ready for the 2020-2021 school year by encompassing skills and content from all four core academic subject areas in a fun way that culminates in a real-world opportunity to make an impact!
Sign up for free before July 1 at

"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."
John 13:34-35
What we Learn from Each Other
How Legacy USA & Legacy Uganda Work Together for a Global Good

"There are two Legacy Christian Academys - on two different continents," explains Sofia Soriano, a recent graduate of Legacy's Valencia campus. "Most people don't know that there is a Legacy Uganda - and that Legacy USA students exchange letters and pictures with them. It's really cool!"

Soriano is just one of hundreds of Legacy students living in Santa Clarita who have built friendships with children across the globe. "We share our experiences with each other. We talk about our families, our school, our hobbies... we really connect. It gives me a whole new perspective on the world," she shares.

Legacy Uganda, founded in conjunction with SOS Ministries, boasts 453 students in grades Kinder through seventh. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Legacy faculty, students and parents have visited the rural campus to help build classrooms, offer training to teachers, plant fruit trees and share solar lighting so that students can study after dark.

"Legacy Uganda has been a blessing to every Legacy student - here and in Africa," says Legacy USA Head of School Matt Millett. "State side, our relationship with Ugandan students helps our local learners better understand their role as a member of a diverse international community. It opens up conversations about privilege, globalization, empathy, resilience and communication."

Solomon Kavuma, principal of Legacy Uganda, says, "We can't stop being grateful for Legacy USA. With their support, our children are learning so much, have access to better hygiene and get healthy food at school. Their smiles are big every day!"

"One of the essential qualities for a happy, successful life is to possess a sense of agency - the knowledge that you can do something to change things for yourself and others," says Millett, an SCV leader in education. "Both here and at Legacy Uganda, our students develop this sense of agency - and the coordinating quality of optimism - not only by interacting with each other, but by investing in their local communities through volunteer projects, student-run fundraisers, persuasive public speaking practice and so much more."

In a time when many American parents are asking themselves how they can better prepare their children for uncertain futures, the opportunity to work collaboratively for the betterment of others "does good" on a variety of levels. "Whether our students are brainstorming on ways to support their peers in Uganda or how to feed food-insecure children down the street, these practices encourage them to develop new solutions for a constantly-changing world. Through trial and error, they develop resilience, creativity, critical-thinking skills and risk-analysis abilities. We're so proud of all of our students - in Valencia and beyond," says Millett.
Legacy Christian Academy is a Kinder-through-eighth award-winning private school that offers accelerated academics in a culture that exalts Christ. 257-7377

Glowhouse Gaming Reopens for "Summer Days"
A summer day camp that inspires kids to learn new skills and flex their creative muscles? Check. Programming that's so fun they don't even realize they're learning? Check. A unique 1,900-square-foot facility that prioritizes health and safety above all else? Check. "Summer Days" at Glowhouse Gaming check all the boxes - for you and your kids.
Glowhouse is excited to announce it's reopening on June 15 for "Summer Days" with modified hours from 12pm - 6pm at just $150 per week. As "the place to be" for social and competitive amateur gaming events in Southern California, Glowhouse gives teens a space to connect with their friends for casual in-person game play, while competing for cool prizes and even earning collegiate scholarships. Kids can learn valuable skills - such as how to produce and stream videos, edit photos, create digital music and more - all while meeting new friends.
Since this is a summer unlike any other, Glowhouse is taking extra precautions to make sure it's safe and fun for everyone. Staff has been working to implement all recommendations and guidelines from state and local officials, as well as the CDC. As a result, there will be a 20-person maximum to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and kids will need to bring lunch and snacks or have food delivered to the facility. To register for "Summer Days," email

Books that Help Us Learn About Each Other

One of the magical aspects of a good book is it helps us peek into someone else's story and learn how others experience the same world differently. Part of the magic of children's books is their ability to teach important lessons, even when parents don't always know the right words. Here are a few children's books with powerful messages that can change the world - one page at a time.

Ages 0-3
"Babies Around the World" by Puck is an adorable board book that shows babies meeting each other from all around the world. They greet each other in different languages, taking you and your little one on an adventure around the world that makes everyone feel a little less alone.

Ages 3-5
A Newbery Medal winner and No. 1 New York Times Bestseller, "Last Stop on Market Street" by Matt de la Pena follows a child's journey as he travels the city with his grandmother, noticing how people's experiences are different and wondering why. For all those parents who struggle to explain why things are the way they are, start here.

Ages 5-8

"I Am Enough" by Grace Byers is a beautiful picture book about loving who you are, respecting others and practicing kindness from the inside out. Byers' sequel, "I Believe I Can," is a moving lesson in self-esteem for all children and teaches kids how to find confidence within. While this book definitely helps kids learn about diversity and difference, it's themes also speak to self-doubt and self-worth, as well.

In "Same, Same But Different" by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, two boys become pen pals from across the world. Over the course of their letters, they learn all the ways they are the same, as well as many exciting and fun ways they are different. With beautiful artwork, this book celebrates difference ... and may even inspire your child to start a pen pal relationship of their own!
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