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September, 2020 - Issue #192
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For a Better Tomorrow, Teach Children to be Servant Leaders Today
What do Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King have in common? They were both servant leaders.

"The concept of servant leadership is simple, but the teaching and modeling of it can be complex," says Ed Tooley, Leadership instructor at Legacy Christian Academy. "Servant leaders seek out opportunities to help others and empower their neighbors to do the same. The focus is not on themselves but on identifying needs and developing collaborative solutions that make a real difference in the lives of both the helpers and those who are helped."

At Legacy, multidisciplinary critical-thinking education takes the "random" out of "random acts of kindness." "From Kinder to middle school, every Legacy learner is taught to be generous with their words and actions by intention," says Matt Millett, Legacy's head of school and local education expert. "Whether classes join together to support a local non-profit or students see a community need and create a service project themselves with the help of their peers, they learn through theory and practice how to best be of service. Legacy students work and develop solutions to the world's 'big problems' with their teachers, who are experts in their disciplines. The study of mathematics, history, language arts, music - every subject can lend well to developing the skills and heart to be a servant leader."

Tooley, who has served as principal of Trinity Christian School in Sunland and professor in the Behavioral Science/Education Department at Azusa Pacific, explains that this particular concept of servant leadership was initiated by Jesus. "We find our way from the Bible," explains Tooley, who developed the Leadership course for Legacy. "We study the habits and practices of effective leaders, then consciously apply them in real-world experiences locally. Service to our community is a cornerstone of Legacy's leadership class," explains the educator with 40 years of experience.

But what does servant leadership mean outside of school? "Servant leaders are inspirational and highly effective in the boardroom, politics, nonprofits, as parents and citizens. They are transformational leaders who accomplish big things," says Tooley.
Legacy Christian Academy offers accelerated academics in a culture that exalts Christ. Call for enrollment information. 257-7377

COC Registration is Now Underway for the Fall Semester
College of the Canyons has moved most of its courses to online and distance learning formats for the fall 2020 semester, ensuring local residents can access the classes they need to get ahead.

Students and community members can choose from more than 1,950 class sections in a wide range of academic subjects and career education disciplines, including courses that most students need to graduate, transfer to a four-year school and meet prerequisites. Certain classes that require hands-on instruction - such as nursing, auto technology and welding - will be held in person in a socially distant manner.

"This fall semester will be the first time in the college's history that the majority of courses will be held in a distance education format," said Dr. Omar Torres, assistant superintendent and vice president of instruction. "We have converted many courses to be taught online, including both lectures and labs, to create safe classroom environments for our students and faculty in disciplines that normally require hands-on instruction."

Fall semester classes begin Monday, Aug. 24, and run through Saturday, Dec. 12. As in years past, College of the Canyons also will offer a number of short-term courses designed to meet the needs of working adults. Those courses are scheduled to begin throughout September and October. Enrollment fees will remain at $46 per unit, and students and community members interested in attending classes are encouraged to visit to enroll.

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Apps for A+ in Distance Learning
The only thing worse than trying to get your kids to do their homework is having to help them with their homework. When you don't have all the answers, we've found the technology that does. These smart apps make helping with homework feel like a breeze.
Snap a photo of the math problem and Photomath will give you step-by-step instructions to solve it - plus the answer! Forget learning math the "new way" to keep up with your kids. Instead, help them learn the problem solving process with this handy app.

No Red Ink
On a mission to unlock every writer's full potential, No Red Ink is an interactive platform that teachers and students use together to practice grammar, syntax, usage, style and more. Students can rearrange sentences, edit and mark up text, organize ideas into outlines and manipulate multi-paragraph passages.

A seemingly magic little app, Socratic provides homework help in science, math, literature, social studies and more. Think of it like flipping through a digital encyclopedia. Use voice search or take a photo of the problem you're trying to solve and Socratic brings you visual explanations of the important concepts - applying Google search technology to assess exactly what you're looking for.

An AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly is an extension you can add to many of the writing programs on your computer or tablet, including your internet browser, Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, social media platforms and more. When you type, it's tracking your grammar like that stickler of an English teacher from 8th grade. Grammarly goes beyond spelling, punctuation and grammar to advise on style and tone, too!

Motivate your Kids the Easy Way
Are you struggling to get your kids motivated? Greenlight Kids Debit Cards allow you to manage their allowance, chores, homework rewards and more all in one easy app.
Weekly or monthly, allowance is as easy as "set it and forget it." Create in-app chore lists and tie the work to perks. List extra ways for them to help around the house - if they want to spend $3 on that upgrade for their favorite game.

Plus, get real-time notifications any time the card is used, and use it as a form of emergency money. Add funds instantly - anytime, anywhere. It's something you can feel good about because you're teaching real-world lessons in financial education, while simultaneously motivating them to finish their homework before dinner. Win-win!
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