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October, 2021 - Issue #204
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The Master's University One-Year Bible Program
Fast Tracks Studies with Intensive Bible Training

The Master's University One-year Bible Program format allows students to complete 30 units of Bible classes on campus in two or three semesters. Those who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion and 30 transferrable credits toward a four-year degree.
Dr. Halstead, the program's coordinator, has been overseeing the program and is excited to see it come to fruition. "We believe that every student coming out of the One-year Bible Program will have a clear understanding of the Bible and theology so that they will be better able to be spiritual examples in this fast-changing society, to make wise and proper decisions, and to live acceptably before God," said Halstead, dean of the School of Biblical Studies at TMU.
Each Bible class at The Master's University is devoted to the inerrancy and authority of Scripture and is committed to each student's practical and spiritual growth. Program classes provide an introduction to the New and Old Testaments, a study of the Bible's central doctrines, and a proper framework to think biblically about issues.
The One-Year Bible Program is designed for high school seniors, working adults, and pastors alike. By completing 30 units of intensive Bible training, students can front-load their general education Biblical Studies courses, complete a Bible minor, meet mission field requirements, and more.
Like any other TMU student, students who enroll in the program can register for study-abroad options, participate in chapel, play intramural sports, and experience dorm life.
Applications for the program are open now.

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Room to Grow at Trinity
At Trinity, they believe in educating the whole person. This type of education entails not just filling the mind, but shaping the hearts and souls of students to love that which is good, true and beautiful. All while recognizing that the best object of their love and affection is found in the person of Jesus Christ. In addition to this mindset already being a part of the everyday classroom and co-curricular experience, Trinity emphasizes the school's Spiritual Life with many opportunities throughout the school year.
As they embark on each new school year, Trinity's Rhetorical School students take a four-day trip to the mountains for their annual Spiritual Emphasis Camp. Joined by Trinity's faculty and staff, students have the opportunity to build relationships with other students, build community, take part in house competition and focus on their relationship with God through times of teaching, devotions, reflection, prayer and worship.
Trinity Classical Academy 296-2601

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SCVi Charter School's Dual Language Immersion Program Expands to K through Third Grade
The benefits of becoming bilingual are well documented. Students enrolled in a Dual Language Immersion program develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrate increased attention, better memory, superior problem-solving skills and an enhanced understanding of their primary language. Which is why SCVi Charter School began offering Dual Immersion to learners one year ago. This year, SCVi's program has expanded to include grades K through third, with a grade level to be added each subsequent year.
What does it mean to be in a dual immersion language program? Dual Language Immersion refers to teaching and learning in two languages. Learners at SCVi will be taught 50 percent of their instructional time in Spanish by a Native Spanish-speaking teacher and 50 percent of their instructional time in English by an English-speaking teacher. To learn more about the benefits of the Dual Language Immersion option or enroll in SCVi's
TK through 12 tuition-free public charter school, log on.

The Best Start
At Legacy Christian Academy, students are challenged at all levels to be the best version of themselves. The all-inclusive, Christ-centered, family-oriented Valencia campus sets the tone for their accelerated academics in Kindergarten with a groundbreaking phonics curriculum.
Legacy's Kinder phonics program is comprehensive and systematic. Every aspect of it builds a solid foundation for students to become confident, fluent readers. The program is unique because the students are engaged and motivated to learn to read and write through the adventures of relatable characters. As a result, they build thorough/broad decoding and comprehension skills. By the end of Kindergarten, all Legacy learners are reading at or above grade level!
Kinder kids at Legacy begin their day with a morning routine that may include phonics and penmanship practice. Next, they move into leveled small-group rotations for reading and math. These small-group rotations foster additional growth and core-concept reinforcement. After lunch, students work on writing and social studies and attend a variety of enrichment classes. Through it all, Legacy's small
student:teacher ratio allows for differentiated individualized instruction so that each child has all the support they need to thrive.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

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How much Do You Know About your Smile?
A. How many teeth does an average adult have?

B. You know you should brush your teeth twice a day - but for how long?

C. For the average adult, how many days of their life will they spend brushing their teeth?

D. True or False? In your dental office, baby teeth are not counted by numbers, but letters A-T.

E. True or False? Dentists prefer string floss over floss picks.

Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284

A. 32 B. 2 minutes C. 38 D. True E. True, because string floss hugs your tooth, while floss picks don't get into the "nooks and crannies" between your teeth.
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