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June, 2022 - Issue #211
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At SCVi Charter School, Students are Free to Think, Inspired to Lead
SCVi Charter School is a project-based learning school where kids are empowered to embrace their individuality and lay the foundation for a successful future.
SCVi is a tuition-free public school that prioritizes a positive, supportive and inviting environment where learners can focus on their development. In addition to academic excellence, SCVi is committed to supporting learners' development of emotional intelligence, life skills and community engagement. Facilitators are fully credentialed and devoted to providing learners with the best academic and emotional support by way of individualized attention.
The school also boasts an excellent dual-language Spanish immersion program and a high college acceptance rate. In the eighth-grade glider program, learners study flight and aerospace, learning how it relates to various subjects. The program culminates in springtime with flights in an actual glider.
Visit for more information and click on "schedule a tour" at the top of the page to see upcoming campus tour dates and times.

Summer Camps for Kids at The Master's University
The Master's University is excited to serve the community this summer with a calendar full of youth events, including their yearly Songs of Summer and Mustang Athletics Summer Camps.
Songs of Summer
This event is a fun and practical crash course designed for all aspiring young singers. The workshops will include voice classes, individual voice instruction, training in performance techniques for soloists, acting improvisation, fundamental music theory and history and ensemble performance opportunities. Advanced Camp, for ages 12 to 18, runs June 13 to June 17. Beginning Camp, for ages 8 to 11, runs June 20 to June 24.
Learn more at
Mustang Athletics Summer Camps
This is an opportunity for children and teenagers to learn from TMU coaches and athletes in an inspiring environment. They will be offering camps for boys and girls ages 6 to 18, with sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball and track and field. For more information, log on.
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Legacy Christian Academy's High School Now Enrolling
Legacy Christian's high school embodies the Christian culture and accelerated academics that LCA has championed for nearly two decades. Biblical instruction encourages teen learners to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and live out Biblical character. Legacy High provides opportunities to serve others - locally and globally - and students are encouraged to experience a vibrant relationship with one another.
Legacy High students take accredited, college-level courses - in-person and online - that meet high school graduation requirements and earn college credits. Students have an opportunity to graduate high school with an AA degree and transition to college with a head start, bringing significant cost savings to their families.
Legacy High learners benefit from a personalized educational path based on their interest. Career cohorts provide hands-on exposure, experience and excitement in a desired profession before students even enter college. Through partnerships with local businesses and professionals, Legacy has created a wide range of real-world internships that supplement classroom instruction. Specialized certificates and award distinctions will be distributed at graduation for students who successfully complete their coursework and internship hours. Call for a personalized tour.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377
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It's Time to Celebrate!
"Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile"

Between May 16 and June 16, 2022, the Oral Health Foundation will raise awareness of the importance of oral health issues with this year's theme: Everyone Deserves a Healthy Smile.
During the height of the pandemic, many families delayed treatment, missing essential check ups and therapies that could have protected their oral health. If that sounds like your family, there's no time like the present to get the entire crew booked for cleanings and exams. The upcoming summer break is the perfect time to schedule appointments that don't conflict with classroom learning.
For children and adults, a healthy smile improves self confidence - and when you smile, it actually puts you in a better mood, all while having a positive affect on the people around you, too. Gift your entire family the confidence - and happiness! - that comes with a cared-for mouth, teeth and gums - because everyone deserves a healthy smile!
Dr. Marvin Tong, DDS 268-6284
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Room to Grow
It has taken modern educators around 150 years to disassemble an educational system that took thousands of years to refine and establish.
The classical method was born in ancient Greece and Rome, and by the 16th century, it was used throughout the Western world. This system educated most of America's founding fathers as well as the world's philosophers, scientists and leaders between the 10th and 19th centuries. What other period can claim so many advances in science, philosophy, art, and literature?
For education to be effective, it must go beyond conveying facts. Truly effective education cultivates thinking and articulate students who are able to develop facts into arguments and convey those arguments clearly and persuasively. Parents across the United States are recognizing that classical education adds the dimension and breadth needed to develop students' minds. Rigorous academic standards, a dedication to order and discipline and a focus on key, lost subjects is fueling the rapid growth of the nation's classical schools.
There is no greater task for education than to teach students how to learn. The influence of progressive teaching methods and the oversimplification of textbooks make it difficult for students to acquire the mental discipline that traditional instruction methods once cultivated. The classical method develops independent learning skills on the foundation of language, logic and tangible fact. The classical difference is clear when students are taken beyond conventionally-taught subjects and asked to apply their knowledge through logic and clear expression.
In 1947, Dorothy Sayers, a pioneer in the return to classical education, observed, "although we often succeed in teaching our pupils 'subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think." Beyond subject matter, classical education develops those skills that are essential in higher education and throughout life - independent scholarship, critical thinking, logical analysis and a love for learning.
Trinity Classical Academy 296-2601
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Inside SCV Field Trip of the Month
Smorgasburg LA

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in America, with markets in New York and Los Angeles attracting 50,000 people each weekend to eat from over 100 local street-food vendors. It's a family-friendly daytime scene with free entry, open every Sunday from 10am to 4pm at ROW DTLA. Wandering through the food trucks, pop ups and tables, your family will experience a joy-filled taste of diversity as people from all over the world come together to enjoy each other's culture - on a plate! In one meal, your family can experience the flavor of Hawaiian, Japanese, Peruvian, Mexican, Filipino, Caribbean, Israeli and South American street cuisine along with kid favorites like gourmet ice cream, donuts and much more. It's a drool-worthy trip that can open minds and fill stomachs.
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