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November, 2022 - Issue #215
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Legacy Christian Academy's High School Student Athletes Learn On & Off the Field
Legacy High's students are already on an academic path to success - each learner benefits from a customized education plan, opportunities to earn college credit, coveted internship experiences and more.
Now, with the addition of celebrated athletic director James Mosley and a competitive lineup of sports like basketball, baseball, tennis and volleyball, LCA's high school students have one more outlet to develop Christ-like character.
Legacy High coaches model the values of teamwork, discipline and perseverance, working to develop the whole student physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. An emphasis is placed on teaching Legacy High athletes how to win and lose with dignity, maturity and grace. LCA student athletes practice skills like setting and achieving goals, responding properly to authority, keeping composure under pressure and learning self-discipline - all lessons that are just as essential to athletic success as they are to life.
"Pursuing excellence in athletics is a pathway to ministering to all students," says Mosley. "I enjoy serving students, watching them develop in their craft and reaching their potential and goals."
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

The Master's University Earns Top Rankings
The Master's University and Seminary ranks first in its peer group in several key categories, according to data from this year's US News Best Colleges rankings.
Data shows TMUS is first among 13 peer Christian institutions in the areas of class size, alumni giving and student retention.
The US News rankings, designed to help prospective students and their parents find the best educational fit, listed TMUS as having class sizes of fewer than 20 students 72 percent of the time. That number is 22 percentage points better than the national average.
TMUS's freshman-to-sophomore retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, was 85 percent - also best among its peers. So too was its level of alumni giving, with 7 percent of graduates giving to the school.
Of note, TMUS was also upgraded from a regional to a national institution in 2022.
The rankings come on the heels of The Master's University welcoming 440 new students to campus, the largest incoming class in school history.
In all, TMU offers more than 150 programs. And in recent years, the school has added new market-relevant degrees in engineering, sport management, entrepreneurial studies and interdisciplinary studies.
Through it all, the school has remained unwavering in its commitment to Christ and Scripture, teaching every class from a biblical worldview.
The Master's University
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A Return to Classical Education & Teaching Students How to Learn
It has taken modern educators around 150 years to disassemble an educational system that took thousands of years to refine and establish. The classical method was born in ancient Greece and Rome and by the 16th century, it was used throughout the Western world. This system educated most of America's founding fathers as well as the world's philosophers, scientists and leaders between the 10th and 19th centuries. What other period can claim so many advances in science, philosophy, art and literature?
For education to be effective, it must go beyond conveying facts. Truly-effective education cultivates thinking and articulate students who are able to develop facts into arguments and convey those arguments clearly and persuasively. Parents across the United States are recognizing that classical education adds the dimension and breadth needed to develop students' minds. Rigorous academic standards, a dedication to order and discipline and a focus on key, lost subjects is fueling the rapid growth of the nation's classical schools.
There is no greater task for education than to teach students how to learn. The classical method develops independent learning skills on the foundation of language, logic and tangible fact. The classical difference is clear when students are taken beyond conventionally-taught subjects and asked to apply their knowledge through logic and clear expression.
In 1947, Dorothy Sayers, a pioneer in the return to classical education, observed, "although we often succeed in teaching our pupils 'subjects,' we fail lamentably on the whole in teaching them how to think." Beyond subject matter, classical education develops those skills that are essential in higher education and throughout life - independent scholarship, critical thinking, logical analysis and a love for learning.
Trinity Classical Academy 296-2601
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There's a Tuition Free iLEAD School for Every Learner
For more than a decade, iLEAD Schools' tuition-free public charter schools have designed and implemented a transformational education model focused on high-quality project-based and social-emotional learning. iLEAD - which stands for international, leadership, entrepreneurial development, arts and design thinking - has become a local, regional and national model of the future of learning.
SCVi, iLEAD's founding school, opened in Santa Clarita in 2008 offers site-based, hybrid and home study options for students in grades TK through 12th.
iLEAD Agua Dulce, now in its fifth year, is home to over 300 TK through 10th graders. With its small class sizes, hands-on technology and inspiring outdoor classrooms, the school promotes individualized, play-based, STEAM-focused and real-world educational opportunities.
iLEAD Exploration Hybrid provides homeschool families with a credentialed teacher, called a facilitator, who assigns and creates a customized, individualized learning plan each year based on grade-level standards and the learner's passions. Instructional funds are used to support and enhance each learner's education.
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