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April, 2024 - Issue #229
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Independent Study Options are Free & Flexible
Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and support with iLEAD Exploration, a tuition-free TK-through-12th independent study option that combines the freedom of homeschooling with the resources of a comprehensive tuition-free charter school program. iLEAD Exploration empowers students to pursue their passions and interests while receiving personalized support from experienced educational facilitators. Through hands-on experiences, virtual coursework and engaging community opportunities, students embark on a journey of discovery, academic excellence and holistic growth, preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.
Offering personalized education, project-based learning and social-emotional development for families who choose a home-study model, iLEAD Exploration serves families residing in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Kern and Ventura Counties. Ready to unlock your family's potential? Log on to learn more and enroll.

Field Trip of the Month
Green Thumb Nursery in Old Town Newhall

If there's a more captivating, clarifying or just-plain-fun "classroom" than a backyard garden bed, we've never seen it. With just a few square feet of dirt, a little water and some time, you have all you need to teach kids soft skills like patience, resilience and responsibility while also making lessons on math, science and even culinary arts hands-on and practical.
And there's no better time to build that little slice of educational heaven than right now, while SCV soil temps are still cool, rain water is still semi-plentiful and seedlings are ready to transfer!
Generations of backyard gardeners have relied on the highly-educated professionals at Green Thumb in Old Town Newhall to get growing. Take the kids to this historic SCV spot and let them pick out seedlings that will shortly turn into vibrant melon, squash, tomato, cucumber and pepper plants. While you're there, consider grabbing a few packs of pumpkin seeds, too - because it's never too early to think about your Halloween harvest.
You'll make memories you can eat!
Green Thumb International 259-1071
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courtesy of Shutterstock (right)

Legacy High School Grows Forward
Now offering kinder-through-12th, Legacy Christian Academy has big news about their exceptional new high school program. The secondary campus is growing in enrollment, cultural impact and - again - footprint. "Legacy High has already drawn transfer students from nearly every Santa Clarita public high school, as well as private programs like Chaminade," shares Secondary Head of School Matt Millett. "Because of demand, our ninth-through-12th space allocation in our new building is also growing." Here's why.
Academic Excellence Santa Clarita's newest high school is rooted in Legacy Christian Academy's tradition of academic excellence and a community that exalts Christ. At Legacy High, learners engage in deeper thinking thanks to a rigorous collection of AP, Honors and university dual-immersion courses. "Our students have the opportunity to complete college courses and earn university credit while in high school, saving money and time after graduation," explains Lynn Kistler, dean of academic instruction.
Career Pathways Each Legacy High learner is supported through their identified career pathway, which connects students to community resources like internships, informative interviews and job shadowing. "Legacy's alumni and community reach is extensive; we've been able to lean on those warm relationships to create outstanding networking and career exposure opportunities for our students," says Kistler.
CIF Athletics Go Lions! At Legacy High, the partnership with The Master's University gives students access to collegiate-athletics fields, gyms and stadiums. Legacy High offers CIF-league play for sports like basketball, track and field, baseball, tennis and more. "Our campus culture is so tight knit and supportive. Game days are exciting for everyone!" shares Legacy's Athletic Director James Mosley.
Legacy High School is now enrolling students for the 2024-25 school year. Schedule your private tour to learn more.
Legacy Christian Academy 257-7377

Learning How to Reduce Reliance on Landfills, Together
Your Guide to Organics Recycling

Organic waste is one of the largest producers of methane gas in landfills, highlighting the critical need for proper disposal methods to prevent its accumulation in these sites.
The term "organic waste" or "organics" is used to describe any type of food waste or loose green waste that might typically end up in the landfill.
In Santa Clarita, food waste is processed separately from green waste or yard waste. Currently, residents are required to separate food waste into any type of plastic bag that can be securely tied before placing it into their green organics cart. We encourage the reuse of bags such as restaurant takeout bags, bread bags, retail store bags or produce bags for this purpose.
Food waste includes items such as fruit and vegetable peels and cores, cheese, dairy, breads, bones and food-soiled paper. Green waste includes twigs, branches, grass clippings, tree trimmings and leaves.
Contamination can occur when items are placed in the wrong waste container, potentially causing issues at processing facilities for organics and recycling. This can result in materials being diverted to the landfill instead of being processed into new material.
It's important to properly sort your waste at home or your business, ensuring that pet waste is always disposed of in the black garbage container, while recyclables should never be bagged. For comprehensive guides on how to sort your organics and recycling at home, log on.
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